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Mind Lab Pro®

What is a nootropic?

Simply put, a nootropic is a brain-booster: A natural or synthetic compound that helps to enhance mental performance. Nootropics have many different mechanisms of action. They can modulate multiple brain pathways to support memory, focus, concentration, attention, motivation, relaxation, mood, alertness, stress resistance, and other aspects of cognitive function. Some nootropics also help to promote long-term brain health.

What is Mind Lab Pro®?

Mind Lab Pro® is a matrix of 11 evidence-backed, multi-tasking nootropics that are combined to target six pathways of mental performance: Brain energy, brain chemicals, brain circulation, brain regeneration, brain protection, and brain waves. Mind Lab Pro® is designed as a ”Universal Nootropic™” with diverse, far-ranging support of both short-term cognitive function and long-term brain health.

How does Mind Lab Pro® work?

Mind Lab Pro® is different and better than any nootropic complex that’s ever been developed, thanks to an advanced formulation strategy. Mind Lab Pro® only uses research-backed nootropics that support multiple brain pathways. By supplying these multi-tasking brain-boosters in enhanced forms at clinical range dosages, Mind Lab Pro® promotes ”100% Brainpower” mental performance that elevates your whole life.

What does Mind Lab Pro® feel like?

Unlike brain supplements that target one or two aspects of mental performance, Mind Lab Pro® is a whole-brain optimizer – formulated to promote an adaptive peak-performing mental state. Mind Lab Pro® benefits, therefore, manifest in many ways, and flex to meet any and all cognitive demands:

  • If you’re working out, you may feel more motivated and driven to excel.
  • At the office, you may notice enhanced multitasking or better single-task focus.
  • Learners may notice improved studying capacity and calm clarity during exams.
  • In competition you may notice improved strategic thinking and faster reaction times.
  • In social settings, MLP may feel like relaxation, bright mood and fluid verbal skills.
  • Others may notice sharper recall, faster processing, longer attention span, etc.

As The Universal Nootropic™, Mind Lab Pro® may enhance every aspect of your life by optimizing many diverse functions of the complex organ that directs it all: Your brain.

How fast will I notice results with Mind Lab Pro®?

Many users report immediate cognitive benefits within a couple of hours of taking a 4-capsule double-serving of Mind Lab Pro®. Those taking a regular two-capsule serving size daily typically report noticeable mental performance enhancements within two weeks. For everyone, we recommend at least 30 days of consistent Mind Lab Pro® supplementation to best judge its effects.

What are Mind Lab Pro’s extended benefits?

Taking Mind Lab Pro® over an extended period of time will help to elevate and sustain overall peak mental performance. Beyond its performance-enhancing effects, supplementation with Mind Lab Pro® also nourishes the brain for long-term healthy function – helping to counter brain aging while maintaining healthy brain structure and neural plasticity. Mind Lab Pro® is the ultimate formula for supporting peak brain function now along with mental clarity and sharp memory decades later in life.

How do I take Mind Lab Pro®?

Take two Mind Lab Pro® capsules in the morning or early afternoon, preferably with food. In times of intense cognitive demands, such as before a workout, during exams, or while facing a professional deadline, Mind Lab Pro® dosage may be increased to four capsules daily for greater performance-boosting activity. Do not take more than four capsules in any 24-hour period.

Should I ”Cycle” Mind Lab Pro®?

Cycling refers to the practice of taking a supplement every day (the ”on cycle”), and then taking a break (the ”off cycle”). Cycling is believed to ”reset” the body’s built-up tolerance to a supplement, allowing that supplement to consistently work at its true full potency. We recommend cycling Mind Lab Pro® following a ”4 weeks on, 1 week off” schedule or a ”5 days on, 2 days off” schedule.

Is Mind Lab Pro® safe and free of side effects?

All 11 ingredients in Mind Lab Pro® are safe and well tolerated. But that’s just part of the story. Mind Lab Pro® is the only nootropic supplement of its kind with a clean label: No artificial colors, no preservatives, no GMO, no gluten, no caffeine and no additives. Even the capsules are clean: Premium vegan Plantcaps®. Mind Lab Pro® is 100% brain-boosting nutrition, with many ingredients in upgraded, enhanced-potency forms that are easier for the body to absorb and utilize. We take all of these quality steps to create a true Universal Nootropic™ that works for everyone, is safe and comfortable for everyone, and fits any lifestyle.

Will Mind Lab Pro® interact with my medications?

Be smart: Consult with your doctor before taking MLP. Show your doctor a printout of MLP’s supplement facts. It is critical to talk to your doctor before starting any supplement program; this may be especially important if you have health concerns or are taking medications. Interactions are always possible, even with MLP. Also, remember that this Mind Lab Pro® website is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your doctor. This website does not provide medical advice or attempt to diagnose or treat an illness which should only be done under the direction of a healthcare professional.

What kind of quality testing goes into Mind Lab Pro®?

Mind Lab Pro® undergoes dozens of quality control and quality assurance checks before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Mind Lab Pro® is also validated by independent third party auditing company that assays finished product to ensure purity, potency, label accuracy and overall quality.

What is the Mind Lab Pro® dosage?

Mind Lab Pro® is an open-source formula with all ingredient dosages listed clearly on the label, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Many Mind Lab Pro® nootropics are presented in clinically supported dosages at a regular 2-capsule serving size. Doubling to the more intensive four-capsule serving will bring the formula up to clinical-range dosage across all 11 Mind Lab Pro® ingredients.

Why are there no ”Racetams” in Mind Lab Pro®?

Racetams are a popular class of nootropics, but they don’t fit MLP’s formula strategy. Racetams are lab-created synthetics; MLP instead emphasizes natural and botanical nootropics. Racetams can have harsh, intensely stimulating effects; MLP is designed to be a stimulant-free formula. And while racetams have a large following, their nootropic mechanisms of action are not yet well-understood – MLP instead opts for more evidence-backed nootropics. Regardless, if desired, racetam-class nootropics may be taken separately – they will stack safely and effectively with the Mind Lab Pro® formula.

What are ”Standardized” Herbs, and why does MLP use them?

Standardization is a process where herbs are lab-calibrated to guarantee an exact level of their active, health-promoting compounds. Many factors can affect an herb’s potency, such as poor growing seasons, time of harvest and environmental toxins. Standardization ensures that despite these variables, the herb will consistently deliver the botanical ”active ingredients” that work to support health. Since standardization supplies customized, precise levels of active compounds, it can also be used to increase an herb’s overall potency.

What are ”Branded” Ingredients, and why does MLP use them?

Branded ingredients are patented, trademarked forms of nutrients that offer some type of proprietary advantage over ”plain” nutrient forms. Some are even backed by well-designed human clinical trials demonstrating their effectiveness. Like standardized herbs, branded ingredients are typically more potent than their plain counterparts. This potency may come by using a more active form of a nutrient, a delivery system that is more advanced, or a form that is more bioavailable. Not all branded ingredients are great, but Mind Lab Pro® has taken the time to identify and source the best branded nootropics in the world.

Can I get a free sample of Mind Lab Pro®?

No… sorry. Mind Lab Pro® is a superior quality supplement with many premium and luxury ingredients. We never cut corners on quality to save money. But we do cut out all freebies and package stuffers in order to keep this exceptional formula affordable. Instead of freebies, Mind Lab Pro® is happy to offer a risk-free, ”empty bottle,” money-back guarantee – which we think far better than a few free capsules, anyway.

Is Mind Lab Pro® available in my country?

Yes. Here is a partial list of where MLP ships to: United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Italy, India, Russian Federation, Canada, Australia, South Korea, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sweden, Nigeria, Poland, Argentina, Belgium, Norway, Austria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Egypt, Hong Kong, Philippines, Finland, Chile, Ireland, Pakistan, Greece, Portugal, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Qatar, Czech Republic, Peru, New Zealand, Romania, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Angola, Hungary, Ukraine, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Sudan, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Dominican Republic, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Guatemala, Uruguay, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Slovenia, Tunisia, Lithuania, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, Panama, Lebanon, Serbia, Latvia, Cyprus, Paraguay, Iceland, Jamaica, Bahamas, and many other countries not on this list.

What if after taking Mind Lab Pro® I am not satisfied with the results?

Use Mind Lab Pro® for 30-days (up to 1 bottle) and if you are not satisfied, simply return the empty bottle within 60 days for a prompt and full product refund (minus any shipping costs).

Why can’t I buy Mind Lab Pro® on Amazon?

We choose to not sell Mind Lab Pro® on Amazon for a few reasons. Amazon is not always discerning about which nootropics can be featured on its site, and we do not want Mind Lab Pro® to appear alongside (and therefore be associated with) low-quality junk products. Amazon is also a ”Wild West” environment in ways, where reviews are easily manipulated by jealous competitors. Finally, our website is just a far better place to buy MLP, since this is the home of all the information customers are looking for to understand our formula – far more information than would be allowed on Amazon.