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Why a Universal Nootropic™?


100% Brainpower™

The brain is incredibly complex, but many nootropic supplements are narrow-minded.

Some nootropic supplements may target 2-3 brain pathways only. They might use botanicals only or synthetics only. They may support just memory, or just focus. These self-limiting formulas fail to tap the brain’s vast potential.

To unlock 100% Brainpower™, a nootropic supplement must remove these limitations and do more – optimising as many brain functions and brain pathways as possible.

That’s why
Mind Lab Pro® was developed.

The goal? To create a Universal Nootropic™ that:

  • Functions as a whole-brain optimiser to support a state of peak overall mental performance.
  • Helps everyone perform better mentally, no matter who you are, what you do, or what you need.
  • Adapts to meet mental performance demands that change from day to day and hour to hour.
  • Avoids all stimulants and additives for a safe, clean formula that’s easy for everybody to take.
  • Helps with both immediate nootropic-performance needs and long-term brain health and function.
100% Brainpower™

Mind Lab Pro® Strategy

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™ Formula Strategy

11 multi-tasking nootropics in clinical range dosages

100% Brainpower™

To realise the Universal Nootropic™ concept, Mind Lab Pro® unites diverse nootropics that support a wide array of cognitive functions. These nootropics were chosen based on a strict set of criteria:

  • Evidence-backed nootropics only; no theoretical nootropic compounds
  • Nootropics with multiple brain-boosting activities only; no single-taskers
  • No redundancy; a synergistic matrix with each nootropic bringing unique value
  • Nootropics that work in smaller doses, to fit a broader assortment in each capsule

With these criteria, we identified 11 nootropics that optimise 6 brain pathways from multiple angles:

Brain Chemistry

Optimises memory, processing speed, mood, attention, motivation and more.

Brain Energy

Busts brain fog and fatigue, supporting mental agility, quick thinking and focus.

Brain Regeneration

Repairs, maintains and nourishes brain cells for plasticity and healthy growth.

Brain Circulation

Helps oxygenate brain, clear toxins and improve neuronutrient delivery.

Brain Protection

Fights toxins and unhealthy structural changes that degrade the brain over time.

Brain Waves

Alpha frequency promotes calm alertness for creativity, productivity and learning.


To amplify all of these brain-optimising activities even more, Mind Lab Pro® supplies nootropics in premium forms that feature enhanced potency, activity and bioavailability.

Mind Lab Pro®’s Universal Nootropic strategy is designed to unlock 100% Brainpower™.*

*100% Brainpower™ is our phrase for a mental performance state that “fires on all cylinders” and excels across all types of cognitive processing:

  • Studying and Learning
  • Test-Taking Performance
  • Mental Processing Speed
  • Creativity and Abstract Thinking
  • Mood, Relaxation and Mindset
  • Memory and Recall
  • Communication and Verbal Fluidity
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Attention, Focus and Concentration
  • Motivation and Mental Drive

Mind Lab Pro®’s innovative formula is so far-reaching, you may feel cognitive improvements in all aspects of your life.

Mind Lab Pro® also adapts to bring the exact cognitive support you need, right when you need it. As one Mind Lab Pro® nootropic steps up to help your immediate mental performance needs, the other nootropics continue to quietly optimise your brain in the background.

Finally, unlike most nootropic stacks, Mind Lab Pro® complements its fast-acting brain-boosters with structural brain nourishment – supporting mental performance now and healthy brain function well into your future.

The world's first Universal Nootropic™, Mind Lab Pro® is the only brain supplement you'll ever need.

100% Brainpower™

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