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Nootropics can do many positive things for the brain — enhancing brain energy, neurotransmitters, cerebral circulation, neuroprotection, brain waves, regeneration and more. But how do these nootropic bioactivities translate into nootropic benefits for mental performance and brain health? This guide discusses some of the most research-backed benefits of nootropics, and how you Read More

Nootropics are popular brain-boosting supplements used by students, athletes, professionals and artists, to name a few. But the list goes on and on. Since the brain controls every aspect of our lives, optimizing its complex processes can be life-enhancing for pretty much everyone. Below, we’ll discuss how nootropics can optimize Read More

“Are nootropics safe?” When Romanian neuroscientist Corneliu E. Giurgea first coined the term nootropic, there was no question of safety. Giurgea specified that true brain-boosting nootropics must have very few side effects and extremely low toxicity. In other words, by definition nootropics are safe. However, a few supplements may not Read More

Diversity is generally known as the integration and interaction of differences. There are several different aspects of diversity. For one, the diversity of thought involves integrating different viewpoints and creative ideas. As a simple example, we wouldn’t have technology like laptops and iPhones if it weren’t for the diversity of Read More

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