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Nootropics are brain-boosters: Supplements that enhance brain health and cognitive performance. Nootropics work in many ways to produce a range of benefits across memory, focus, attention, motivation, relaxation, mood, alertness, stress resistance and more. Of course, the brain is complex. When we ask the question “What are nootropics,” the answer Read More

Do nootropics work? And if so, how? The best brain-boosting nootropic supplements do appear to work, as evidenced by research demonstrating their benefits for enhanced cognitive function and overall brain health. But when we ask the question “How do nootropics work,” definitive answers are harder to come by — partly Read More

Just as bodybuilders take sports nutrients to boost body training and muscle growth, brain-builders can take nootropic nutrients to boost brain training and neural growth. This guide discusses how nootropics for brain training might help to max out your brainpower gains. We also cover the best individual nootropics for brain training, and how Read More

Nootropics for Women Women’s brains are quite unique compared to men. They contain different variations of chemicals that produce different effects. Thus, nootropics for women may offer specific support for the female brain and a woman’s cognitive demands. Nootropics are supplements that can help boost brain health, provide mental clarity, Read More

Studying is hard. Nootropics for studying can make it a little easier. In our hyper-competitive academic world, some students take stimulants to boost alertness while studying. Stimulants work, but may have negative side effects. Study nootropics work on different pathways from synthetics. They can: boost multiple aspects of memory to Read More

Looking for a safe and legal competitive edge in gaming? Nootropics for gamers may help. Some of today’s top brain-boosters can enhance cognitive functions that are needed for sharp gaming performance: Focus, strategy, working memory, creativity and more. This guide discusses some of the best nootropics for gaming, and how Read More

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