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Nootropic brain herbs are among the most popular and effective ingredients found in cognition-enhancing supplements. But that’s just part of the story behind these brain-boosting botanicals. Modern science is now validating some of the cognitive benefits associated with traditional brain herbs, while modern manufacturing techniques are making these botanicals more Read More

If you are interested in cognitive enhancement, you may be interested in Take Your Pills, a 2018 Netflix Original documentary. Take Your Pills explores the use of  stimulants to boost brainpower. It also touches on the mental performance-enhancing potential of nootropic supplements in our competitive modern era. Take Your Pills Read More

People have been challenging their minds with chess for thousands of years. The nature of chess requires mental acuity, memory and creativity among many other cognitive skills. Some brain-boosting nootropics for chess may help to optimize key cognitive functions used during chess gameplay, supporting a peak-performing mental state to help Read More

Do nootropics have side effects? If you have used cognitive enhancers, memory extenders, mood elevators or other types of nootropics, you may have wondered if any of their brain-boosting benefits come at a price. The simple answer: By definition, a nootropic must be free of side effects – as written Read More

Thinking about taking a nootropic supplement for the first time? Nootropics can be confusing, which is really no surprise considering the brain’s complexity. This Nootropics for Beginners Guide is designed to give you a quick, easy-to-understand rundown on what nootropics are, how they boost brainpower, and how beginners can find Read More

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