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How to Do Everything Better with Brain-Boosting Nootropics

By Dr. Ramon Velazquez Ph.D.

The “memory pill” is dead. Long live 100% Brainpower.

Emerging research suggests brain-boosting nootropics may help cognition in more ways than we ever thought was possible...

...including some surprising benefits beyond the usual “memory & focus” claims. It seems that the idea of having effective nootropics that can rival the so-called "brain pills" of science fiction may be closer to reality than initially thought.

With credible nootropics numbering in the dozens (and counting), we can now combine a wide array of benefits to enhance the whole brain -- potentially boosting all cognitive functions.

In this 100% Brainpower state, you might perform better in all aspects of life:

  • Learning
  • Communicating
  • Competing
  • Strategizing
  • Innovating
  • Working out
  • Socializing
  • …everything.

So how do you get there?

Following are five far-reaching brain benefits, the nootropics that promote them, and stack strategies that may amplify their effects.

Get ready to unleash the best version of yourself and do everything better.

Increase Mental Energy Without Crashing

Multi persons basketball players collage

Perform Better at: Work productivity, competitive sports, socializing, and other activities that benefit from quick, active & energized thinking.

When the brain is low on energy, you feel it – mental fatigue, brain fog and moodiness.

You just can’t be your best mentally or physically when your brain is in low-energy “power save” mode.

There are several research-backed energy nootropics that revitalize the mind without resorting to caffeine or other stimulants, but one in particular is generating the most buzz:

Citicoline – 2-in-1 Stack Boosts Brain Energy by 13.6%

Citicoline is actually two nootropics in one (uridine + choline), with versatile cognitive benefits that include a direct, dramatic boost in brain energy.

The Cognizin® form of Citicoline, specifically, has been shown in human research to increase brain energy metabolism by 13.6%<1>

This activity might power-up multiple cognitive functions at once, taking us closer to 100% Brainpower.

Evidence seems to back Cognizin® Citicoline as an energizing, “Do Everything Better” brain booster, suggested in human research to help with concentration, working memory, attention and verbal ability.<2><3>

Citicoline stacks well with: Vitamin B12. Citicoline and Vitamin B12 both help to promote brain energy metabolism via unique pathways, combining into a potent stack for boosting brainpower at a cellular level.

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Maximize Motivation & Realize Your Goals

Motivation Concept

Perform better at: Takin’ care of business, a.k.a., T.C.B. Motivated minds act on ideas fast, work on them to successful conclusion & move on to the next.

You may have a million great ideas, innovations and intentions in your head, but if you fail to act on them – if you lack motivation -- then they are all for naught.

Motivation is a vastly underappreciated contributor to peak mental performance. Without it, work productivity, learning and personal growth stall out.

Not to mention, unmotivated minds avoid the gym – further diminishing mood and mental performance.

If you sometimes struggle with your get-up-and-go, you might be low on the main brain chemical for motivation: Dopamine. Nootropics may help:

Vitamin B6 as BioGenesis™ – For T.C.B.* Brain Chemistry

Vitamin B6 helps us synthesize and utilize several brain chemicals, including dopamine. Specifically: Vitamin B6 as nature-identical BioGenesis™ functions as a necessary cofactor for the conversion of L-DOPA to dopamine.<4>

When vitamin B6 levels are low, dopamine status (along with other brain chemicals) also declines – making it harder to motivate and swing into action.

Supplementing with B6 may help to optimize dopamine levels – thereby supporting the brain chemistry of a motivated, peak-performing mind.

B6 helps the brain in many other ways too, but its dopamine/motivation support is likely a key reason behind its research-backed benefits for cognition, mood and information storage.<5><6>

Vitamin B6 stacks well with: Maritime Pine Bark Extract. Early research suggests each of these nootropics may have the potential to help boost nerve growth factor, supporting the neuroplasticity that underlies all new learning.

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Learn Better: Ace Exams and LIFE ITSELF

Perform better at: Academics, test-taking, strategizing, career advancement, personal growth, games & sports, language, and Jeopardy!

Can nootropics help students get better grades? Absolutely. But academics is just one aspect of learning. Learning is also winning. Knowledge is also power.

In fact, the mere act of learning seems to physically reinforce the brain, as fresh neural connections are formed to store newly learned knowledge.

Is there a nootropic that can help you learn better and beef up your brain? You know it!

Bacopa Monnieri – Legendary Learner’s Nootropic

Bacopa monnieri is an Ayurvedic herb used for centuries to improve mental performance across all age groups.

Modern science backs this use, suggesting Bacopa helps the brain in many ways -- improving brain chemicals, cerebral circulation, neural defenses and more.<7-9>

Bacopa’s unique mixed bag of nootropic bioactivities seems practically customized to benefit learning capacity: Research suggests Bacopa slows the rate at which we forget newly acquired knowledge,<10> and improves higher order cognitive processes like learning & memory.<11>

Bacopa is also considered an adaptogen that helps mental performance under pressure;<12> a great side benefit for scoring high on stressful exams.

Bacopa stacks well with: L-Theanine. L-Theanine promotes stimulant-free alertness and relaxation that complements both studying and test-taking.<13>

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Unlock Creativity & Solve Problems


Perform better at: Creative problem solving, innovating, artwork, music, writing, studying; any activity that requires quiet, relaxed contemplation.

Some people are artistically creative: Poets, musicians, painters. Some may be creative in different ways: Inventors, problem solvers, strategists.

But all of us rely on creativity in our daily lives, whether we realize it or not.

Creativity may be the most significant brainpower that we have as human beings. After all, that’s what separates us from the apes, right?

We’re still only human, though: We get frustrating creative blocks where solutions, ideas and innovations just stop flowing. A nootropic can help:

L-Theanine – Raise Brainwaves and Enter “The Zone”

Found in green tea leaves, l-theanine is a natural amino acid with a rare and unusual nootropic bioactivity: It helps raise Alpha brain waves, creating a “wakeful relaxation” mindset associated with free-flowing creativity and abstract thinking.<14>

Creative types prize the Alpha brain wave state because it allows the mind to wander in a productive way -- venturing deep into “The Zone” where creative solutions bubble up to the surface easily.

Researchers have also reported that L-Theanine slightly enhances cognitive function and attention, and seems to relax the mind without inducing drowsiness<15> – benefits that may reflect L-Theanine’s support for creative thinking.

L-Theanine stacks well with: Caffeine. L-Theanine enhances caffeine’s alertness-boosting effects while reducing jittery side effects. Mind Lab Pro® is caffeine-free, but if you drink coffee or energy drinks, the formula's L-Theanine can help take the edge off any jitters.

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Stay Cool, Calm & Collected During Chaos

Perform better at: All kinds of multitasking, quick decision making, focus in competition, weight training, and thinking clearly amidst chaos.

We all know the cognitive consequences of stress: Brain fog, low brain energy, poor attention span, bad mood and poor-quality sleep. These stress-induced brain drains combine to slow mental processing down to a crawl.

There is no way to stop stress. However, nootropics can help us to relax and manage stress more effectively. One in particular may be the most valuable stress nootropic for a different reason altogether:

L-Tyrosine – Rejuvenate Stress-Depleted Brain Chemicals

Stress drains brainpower in part because it depletes catecholamine brain chemicals,<16> leading to short attention span, poor organization and restlessness – familiar symptoms to the chronically stressed.

Tyrosine – especially as N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) – helps restore stress-depleted brain chemicals needed for attention & sharp cognition.<17>

As it supports these brain chemicals, NALT appears to improve cognitive functions that are typically impaired by stress. Human research suggests L-Tyrosine improves mental multitasking, memory, and thought processing under stressful situations like sleep deprivation, cold exposure, loud noise exposure and combat training.<18-21>

L-Tyrosine stacks well with Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola strengthens the brain’s resistance to stress in performance-dependent situations, complementing NALT’s anti-stress effects.<22>

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Turn Back the Clock on Mental Performance

Senior African couple singing and playing upright bass

Perform better at: Language, memory, socializing, enjoying peak Quality of Life, and staying sharp during the aging process.

Spoiler alert for the younger folks: As you grow older, mental performance starts to get worse.

Part of the problem is structural. The brain is mostly fats, including phospholipids that decline with age<23> – leading to brain cell membrane deterioration, brain mass shrinkage, and eventually, cognitive dysfunction.

Several nootropics can help protect brain structure against these age-related changes, but the most effective may be:

Phosphatidylserine (PS) For Youthful Brainpower

PS is a phospholipid nootropic; a raw material for brain plasticity, repair, and regeneration.<24>  With additional benefits for brain energy, detoxification and neurotransmitters,<25-27> PS unlocks a key benefit for aging adults:

PS has been suggested to slow down or even reverse the biochemical and physical changes that underlie age-related brain deterioration. While this “turn back the clock” activity most famously helps memory, PS has also been shown to enhance concentration, problem solving, mood, communication and more in mature populations.<28>

PS stacks well with Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Lion’s Mane raises nerve growth factor (NGF), a bioactivity that complements PS in promoting brain regeneration.<29>

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Imagine if you experienced all of the brain benefits discussed in this article at the same time. You would have an energized, creative, stress-resistant, relaxed brain that defies aging and absorbs new knowledge like a sponge.

In other words, you might unlock more of your brain’s true potential.

With the right nootropic supplements and smart stacking strategies, 100% Brainpower is now within reach. When your brain is firing on all cylinders, benefits transcend memory & focus – instead you may transform into the best version of yourself, and start performing better at everything you do.

Mind Lab Pro® is the World's First Universal Nootropic™

Mind Lab Pro® smartly combines 11 nootropics that work well together in order to optimize multiple cognitive pathways and unlock 100% Brainpower.

By working as a whole-brain optimizer, Mind Lab Pro® supports brain health while enhancing focus, learning, memory, relaxation, stress resistance and more.

  • Mind Lab Pro® is the Universal Nootropic™ that can boost ALL aspects of brainpower to improve your performance at virtually everything you do.   

Take Mind Lab Pro® as the ultimate nootropic formula for natural whole-life performance enhancement.

Mind Lab Pro® is formulated in the UK and made in the USA by Opti-Nutra. www.mindlabpro.com


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