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Mind Lab Pro Alternative: Different Nootropic Supplements Worth Trying?

By Dr. Ramon Velazquez Ph.D.

Since Mind Lab Pro was released on the market, it has become one of the (if not the) market leaders in the nootropics space. 

Mind Lab Pro has received over one thousand positive reviews from customers. And it's also been used by a wide range of influential figures, including Nigel Short (Chess Grandmaster). 

But no product is the "right fit" in terms of brain boosters or zymes for absolutely everyone on earth. As humans, we all have very different requirements - something bio-hackers know all about. 

One thing to be wary of are competitors claiming to be better alternatives to Mind Lab Pro. 

As a result, we've put together this article featuring the Best Mind Lab Pro Alternative for those seeking different options; whether that's because they were one of the few who didn't like it, or if they're simply looking for new things to try. 

Take a look: 

Top Alternatives to Mind Lab Pro:
Performance Lab Nootropic Supplements

The best option when looking for alternatives to Mind Lab Pro are the nootropic supplements produced by Performance Lab, in our honest opinion. 

As with Mind Lab Pro, the Performance Lab range undoubtedly comprises the cleanest and highest quality supplements on the market. 

We'll go through the top options in terms of brain-boosting nootropics: 

Performance Lab Mind

  • Higher dosage of L-Tyrosine than in Mind Lab Pro. 
  • Supports focus, memory, speed, motivation. 
  • Made to stack with Performance Lab Stim effectively.

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Mind

Looking for a pre-made nootropic stack that contains fewer ingredients than Mind Lab Pro, but is just as clean and made to the same premium standards?

You'll want to give Performance Lab Mind a try. 

It's a great Mind Lab Pro alternative that contains fewer zymes, but with a higher dosage of L-Tyrosine. While Mind Lab Pro contains 175 mg L-Tyrosine, Performance Lab Mind contains a 250 mg serving. 

This provides users with a slightly different experience that they may prefer. 

You can also benefit from stacking this nootropic supplement with Performance Lab Stim to form a complete caffeinated nootropic stack too. 

We believe this to be one of the best nootropics currently on the market, in our honest opinion.

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Stim

  • Cleaner, healthier, more relaxed energy. 
  • Sensible caffeine dosage per serving.
  • Can stack with Mind Lab Pro or others.

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Stim

A next-gen caffeine supplement

For those that like caffeinated pre-made nootropic stacks, then Performance Lab Stim will be a great choice. 

It contains natural caffeine in a sensible 50 mg dosage (so those with a lower tolerance remain safe from side effects, while users with higher tolerance to caffeine can enjoy double servings). 

The natural caffeine is complemented perfectly with the exact nutrients that the stimulant is known to deplete: B-Vitamins. Even better, in the exact dosages that caffeine has shown to deplete them by.

Pretty smart, right? 

The finishing touches to Performance Lab Stim are the additions of both L-Theanine (which, as you'll know, works in synergy with caffeine) and the tried-and-trusted nootropic ingredient, L-Tyrosine.

For those that wish to continue using Mind Lab Pro, you can even make our formula caffeinated by adding Performance Lab Stim to your stack. 

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Stim

Performance Lab Sleep

  • Accelerates sleep onset. 
  • Promotes higher quality sleep.
  • No morning grogginess.

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Sleep

Sleep is something that's massively overlooked by many when looking for avenues to boost mental and physical performance. 

A clinical study highlighted the importance of sleep; it was found that those that sleep less than 6 hours each night are 12% more likely to die prematurely than someone who sleeps for 8 hours per night regularly [1]. 

The above should sufficiently emphasize the importance of sleep. 

In the context of nootropics, it's been stated that sleep is the best mental and physical performance enhancer available to humans. With one clinical study in particular concluding that sufficient sleep benefits athletic performance, reaction time and mood [2].

Here's where Performance Lab Sleep comes in. 

It's a sleep supplement (also classed as a "sleep nootropic") designed to promote deeper, higher quality sleep. That way, you wake up feeling more refreshed so you can perform optimally, both mentally and physically. 

This can actually be taken alongside Mind Lab Pro and other Performance Lab supplements. So while it can be an alternative, it'll be a great addition to any nootropic supplement stack too. 

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Sleep

Performance Lab MCT 

  • MCT Oil can increase ketone brain fuel. 
  • Clean, pure, triple filtered from organic coconuts.
  • Contains only beneficial C8 + C10 MCTS. 

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab MCT

It's important to keep your brain fueled since it consumes 20% of your body's energy [3]. 

In modern times, it's fairly common knowledge now that carbs fuel your brain. 

However, many people still aren't aware that ketones are another fuel source for your brain. And a quality MCT Oil can raise ketone brain fuel.

Ultimately, by increasing ketones and promoting mitochondrial energy efficiency, Performance Lab MCT can help maintain competitive brain energy levels and cognitive endurance.

Click here to learn more about Performance Lab MCT

Prebiotics as an Alternative vs Mind Lab Pro

When people think about a top prebiotic or zyme, they usually only consider the benefits they provide in terms of gut health.

But what if we told you that prebiotics can have a beneficial effect on brain function?

After conducting their study, MH Mohareri et al.,[4] concluded that the gut microbiome and the brain communicate "in a bidirectional manner"

As a result, supporting your gut health can indeed be an important part of keeping your brain function optimal too. 

And this is exactly where prebiotic supplements come into play. 

Since prebiotic supplements can benefit gut health by feeding the existing microbiomes in your gut and helping them thrive, they can, consequently, improve your brain function. 

Performance Lab Prebiotic 

  • Able to boost gut health by nourishing bifidobacterium probiotics.
  • Can promote healthy immune system performance in GI Tract. 
  • May help boost cognitive performance due to gut-brain axis link.

 Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Prebiotic

Notice this is a PREbiotic and not a PRObiotic supplement.

There's good reason to believe that probiotic supplements are unreliable; several probiotic strains are very fragile and can be killed by heat, oxygen, light and humidity leading to many probiotic supplements being dead on arrival [5]. 

On the other hand, prebiotic supplements such as Performance Lab Prebiotic are much more reliable.

They contain fibers (such as chicory root) that have shown to improve your gut health by feeding the existing gut microbiome - that aren't affected by heat, oxygen etc. 

As a result, you're giving yourself the best chance of nourishing your gut health and benefitting from enhanced cognitive function by taking a prebiotic supplement such as Performance Lab Prebiotic. 

 Click here to learn more about Performance Lab Prebiotic

Have you decided on an effective alternative to our Nootropic Supplement? 

We've provided some great alternatives to our market leading pre-made nootropic stack, Mind Lab Pro, in this article. 

We've seen competitors claiming to be better alternatives, so we felt that we should offer our own insight on the topic. 

Hopefully, now you realize that there are more alternatives to pre-made nootropic stacks than simply choosing another pre-made nootropic stack; prebiotic supplements may help boost your cognition, while MCT Oil offers another fuel source for your brain. 


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