There are no Mind Lab Pro® Coupon or Discount Codes Online

We're often asked the same question regarding Mind Lab Pro®, the #1 universal Nootropic supplement: 

"Do we offer any discount or coupon codes?"

  • The quick answer is...No. 
  • But, we do offer some great deals.

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Where can I find the best deals for Mind Lab Pro®?

The only official, legitimate place to buy Mind Lab Pro® is here, on our website.

As a result, the best deals can be found when ordering your supply through the order now page.

There are no legitimate discounts or coupon codes through any brand partners, or sites offering coupon codes.

Although, we do send a special offer once a year to our email list; you are signed up to our email list after placing an order. 

Do you Offer Samples or Free Trials?

We don’t offer free samples or trials.

Mind Lab Pro® is a superior quality supplement with many premium and luxury ingredients. We never cut corners on quality to save money.

But we do cut out all freebies and package stuffers in order to keep this exceptional formula affordable.

Instead of freebies, Mind Lab Pro® is happy to offer a risk-free, ”empty bottle,” money-back guarantee – which we think far better than a few free capsules, anyway.

We also recommend using Mind Lab Pro®  for 30 days consistently to recognise the results and sometimes this can vary from person to person - so a sample or trial wouldn’t be beneficial.

You can find out more answers to questions in our FAQ section here

Experience 100% Brainpower

Mind Lab Pro® is the world's cleanest and most effective brain supplement. 

Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™
  • Focus, clarity, speed of thought
  • 100% safe, clean, plant-based
  • Enhances work, study and play
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Where can I buy Mind Lab Pro®?

  • The only place you can buy Mind Lab Pro®  is here, on the official Mind Lab Pro website.
  • We do not authorise sales through any other sites, such as Amazon or GNC.

Why is Mind Lab Pro®  not sold on Amazon or GNC?

Mind Lab Pro®  is a premium product, with high-quality ingredients.

Our website includes all the information our customers need to understand our formula - which is a lot more than we’d be able to provide on these other websites.

Ultimately, reviews on other retail sites can also be easily manipulated, and we don’t see a place for Mind Lab Pro®  among the calibre of products available with third-party retailers.

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What are the best Mind Lab Pro® offers?

The best offer available on Mind Lab Pro®  is when you purchase our 3 month supply + 1 box free deal. 

With our 3 month supply + 1 box free deal: 

  • you’ll get one box for free (so overall, you'll receive 4 boxes/months worth)
  • and receive free worldwide shipping as well.

If you don't want 4 boxes of Mind Lab Pro®, it can also work out more cost effective to purchase two bottles at once (rather than just the single box). To save paying for two lots of shipping costs too: the more you buy, the more you can save.

However, our 3 month supply + 1 box free deal remains our best discount deal.

This 3 month supply + 1 box free deal will cost you $195/ £120 (rather than $260/ £160 without this deal) and also comes with free worldwide delivery.

Ultimately, this makes the price per bottle the lowest possible price and the best way to get the biggest discount available on Mind Lab Pro®.

In Summary...

We will never offer coupon deals or discount codes for Mind Lab Pro®. 

Sorry to tell you the bad news if you've come through any coupon sites.

Here's the good news: 

  • We have made sure to offer the best deals right here where you are now, our official website. 
  • So we can continue providing the best quality product possible - without having to cut corners with Mind Lab Pro®, our customer service or your overall customer experience.