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Nootropics: Day or Night?

By Dr. Ramon Velazquez Ph.D.

Like many, you may have been wondering this ever since you first learned about nootropic supplements.

If so, we're here to shed some light on the subject.

As you know, we all have different lives that require us to use vastly different cognitive functions every day.

And luckily, nootropics can help with every aspect of cognition, whether we spend our days in the office, in the gym or creating art, to name a few.

But when is the best time to take nootropics for maximum cognitive benefits?

Does the answer differ based on our unique lifestyles? Well, that's exactly what we're here to discuss in this review.

Stay tuned.

Different Cognitive Demands and Nootropic Intake

Nootropics can help us cope with the numerous different cognitive demands we face on a daily basis.

For example, they can help with multitasking, gaming, business, exercise and even creativity.

Cognitive Demands in the Workplace

No matter what you do, if you have a job, you're probably expected to be motivated, focused, energized and productive in the workplace.

In addition, your boss probably prefers you work well with others without exhibiting symptoms of mood imbalance.

Fortunately, nootropics can help support and maintain these cognitive functions at work.

However, brain boosters must be taken at the perfect time to initiate maximum effects, right? Let's find out.

Is There Really a Perfect Time to Take Nootropics?

Well, the answer is sort of. It all depends on your individual schedule. When do you need to be most productive, focused and motivated while maintaining a balanced mood?

Answering this question will tell you the best time to take your nootropics.

  • For example, if you need to complete an extra demanding task at noon, take your nootropics a few hours before you get started for maximum effects at the right time.

Whether it's a work presentation, a promotion application or any work-related cognitive task, you'll be surprised how far a quality nootropic can go to optimize brainpower, especially when you time it right.

Nootropics: Day or Night? When should you take supplements for maximum effects?

Mind Lab Pro® supplies an all-natural, Universal Nootropic™ that can improve cognitive performance and productivity in the workplace.

Do Nootropics Help With Physical Activity?

Believe it or not, physical activity requires as much brain power as any cognitive task. Think about it.

When we work out or play sports, our body and mind must work together.

  • For example, sports and exercise require ample focus and motivation. Without these cognitive functions, we wouldn't be able to score goals, swoosh baskets and hit home runs, right?

Moreover, we need adequate energy to reach and maintain peak cognitive performance for optimal physical performance.

Luckily, nootropics can provide energy, focus and motivation to optimize our physical and mental performance.

Hence why they're ideal for athletes, bodybuilders and avid exercisers. Specifically, active men and women benefit from adaptogens, phospholipids and nootropic choline sources.

Nootropic Timing for Bodybuilders

Nootropics can help improve exercise intensity and recovery by boosting motivation and recovery if taken before a workout.
Specifically, bodybuilders need immense focus to further sculpt their muscles by maintaining the rhythm of their reps.
They also need motivation to achieve their goal physique.
  • Hence why bodybuilders often stack workout supplements with nootropics to optimize their performance.

Nootropics can help bodybuilders achieve their goal physique by helping the brain cope with stress caused by too much exercise.

To be specific, adaptogens and amino acids are the most beneficial nootropic ingredients for bodybuilders.

So if you take nootropics for cognitive help with physical performance, take them before engaging in physical activity for maximum benefits.

How can Nootropics Help Students?

Nootropics are known to support memory, learning and overall cognition. So it's no wonder why they're so popular among college students.

While nootropics for college students may not directly increase your IQ, they can help you learn and memorize material easier.

In addition, brain boosters can help mediate the effects of stress on the mind and body. So they may benefit those with issues like test anxiety and problems concentrating.

Nootropic stacks like the one supplied by Mind Lab Pro® contain ingredients designed to support overall cognition.

So, they can help students study by enhancing focus, memory, learning and more.

**Natural nootropic ingredients are safe and effective for everyone, even college-age students. Tests show they elicit little to no side effects when taken as directed.

When is the Best Time to Take Nootropics: Day or Night?

Normally, we recommend taking nootropics in the morning or afternoon to boost cognitive performance throughout the day.

However, if your cognitive demands are unique or more intense than usual, you can increase your nootropic intake by taking two doses: one in the morning and one in the evening.

  • For example, some of us have unique cognitive demands like fighting age-related declines.

This means you can double your nootropic intake without harm. But this is only if you are taking an all-natural, stimulant-free nootropic like the Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™. Other nootropic stacks may not be as tolerable.

All in all, we think it's best to take your dose(s) before you encounter cognitive tasks.

But remember: the body has to absorb the ingredients before you experience the benefits.

So, you may want to give it some time to kick in.

In addition, if you need to be cognitively alert at night, taking nootropics at a later time can maximize your benefits.

Benefits of Taking Nootropics During the Day

Our brains are generally more active during the day unless we're working the graveyard shift.

If your unique cognitive demands are highest during the day, it's ideal to take nootropics in the morning or afternoon before your brain faces peak activity.

In addition, taking nootropics during the day can help prevent brain fog throughout it.

Here are the science-backed benefits of taking nootropics during the day:

Benefits of Taking Nootropics at Night

You might not realize, but the brain often works just as hard at night as it does during the day.

However, cognitive tasks tend to be much less demanding at night compared to the day.

This gives the brain a chance to rest and regenerate. And resting doesn't usually require intense cognitive performance. Hence why taking nootropics at night tends to be less effective unless you're active at night.

On the other hand, if you have sleep troubles, certain nootropic supplements and stacks may help.

Stacking specific, stimulant-free nootropics before bedtime may assist with brain cell repair and optimize neurotransmitters for better sleep.

It may also help prevent age-related cognitive declines that can hinder daily cognitive performance.

Here are the science-backed benefits of taking nootropics at night:

Conclusion on Nootropics: Day or Night?

So, here's the deal once and for all. If you are generally more active in the morning, take your supplement when you wake up.

Taking nootropics about an hour or 2 before you encounter challenging cognitive tasks can maximize your performance.

In contrast, when you take nootropics before bed, you may end up being asleep when they kick in. Thus, you may not experience noticeable cognitive performance enhancement.

  • But if you are more active at night, taking nootropics in the evening may work best. And if you're having trouble sleeping, they may help with that too.

In addition, double-dosing by taking your nootropics during the day and at night may be best for those facing unique cognitive demands and schedules.

Just make sure you take a clean, natural supplement without stimulants like the all-natural Mind Lab Pro® Universal Nootropic™.

If you're looking for more information on how to reap the maximum benefits from nootropics, check out our guide on the best nootropic stacking strategies.

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