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How to Grow Brain Cells with Nootropics for Neurogenesis

For a long time, neuroscientists thought "adult neurogenesis" -- the ability to regrow brain cells -- was impossible. Now, science...

Sculpt Your Brain and Body with Nootropics and Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is one of the ultimate diet routines for burning fat, building muscle, and, yes, enhancing cognition. While...

Traditional Brain Herbs – Ancient Nootropics with a Bright Future

Nootropic brain herbs are among the most popular and effective ingredients found in cognition-enhancing supplements. But that's just part of...

Take Your Pills - Netflix Documentary Talks Brain-Boosting Nootropics

If you are interested in cognitive enhancement, you may be interested in Take Your Pills, a 2018 Netflix Original documentary....

Who Uses Nootropics? Anyone Seeking Enhanced Life Performance.

Nootropics are popular brain-boosting supplements used by students, athletes, professionals and artists, to name a few. But the list goes...

List of Nootropics - 85 Brain-Boosters, 11 Best-in-Class, 1 Universal Stack

Nootropics are complicated. By strict definition, only a handful exist. But today, the meaning of "nootropic" has expanded to include...

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