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Does Citicoline Give You Energy?

By Abigail Roberts | |

In theory, yes! Citicoline is a brain nutrient that supports mental energy, as well as focus, attention, and overall cognitive function.

Citicoline is one of the most potent nootropic compounds to exist, making it a key ingredient in many of the best nootropic stacks on the market today, such as Mind Lab Pro!

In this article, we discuss citicoline, its remarkable nootropic effects, and how it works to provide you with mental energy and cognitive enhancement!

What is Citicoline?

Citicoline, also known as CDP-choline, is a nootropic compound that converts to both choline and cytidine upon ingestion.

Citicoline delivers the two compounds to the brain, choline and cytidine. Choline is a nutrient that is needed for the regulation of memory, mood, muscle control and many other functions, and is found in foods such as meat, eggs and seafood.

Elevated levels of citicoline will in turn increase acetylcholine, which is the main neurotransmitter involved in most executive functions including speech, focus and working memory.

An increase in citicoline will also increase levels of phosphatidycholine, which is the building block of brain cells. Thus, taking citicoline would promote enhanced brain function, as well as long-term brain cell health.

Where can you find citicoline?

It’s normally in the form of the supplement Cognizin; a proprietary form of citicoline, which is often a key ingredient in top nootropic stacks such as Mind Lab Pro.

This drug is clinically studied to support mental energy and overall cognitive-enhancing effects.

How Does Citicoline Work?

Citicoline is best known for enhancing mental energy. Let’s break this down!

Neurotransmitters are our brain's chemical messengers. Billions of them are constantly working to keep our brains functioning. They manage everything from our breathing and heartbeat to our learning and concentration.

Neurotransmitters also play a significant role in various psychological functions such as mood, joy, and fear.

Energy stored in our cells power these messages being flown around your brain, and this process is empowered by the critical brain nutrient citicoline.

When we ingest citicoline, it increases the amount of citicoline in the brain. Once citicoline is in the brain, it gets to work by:

  • Promoting brain function
  • Enhancing blood flow
  • Strengthening cell structure
  • Fuelling neurotransmitters, thus enhancing focus, attention and supporting overall cognitive health

The Nootropic Effects of Citicoline

Citicoline works to energize and enhance mental performance without the crash of stimulants, one of the major benefits of the nootropic.

The nootropic effects of citicoline include:

  • Promoting mood balance
  • Improving memory
  • Boosting focus, attention, and concentration

In addition to this, the long-term effects include maintaining healthy brain function against age-related changes and mental decline. 2

Citicoline optimizes more brain pathways than any other nootropic, so it’s no wonder this is such a staple ingredient in many nootropic formulas and daily stacks!

Citicoline: Does it Give You Energy?

As we have established, citicoline does give us energy, though in the form of mental energy. This is primarily through fuelling neurotransmitters, which are the chemical messengers that play an essential role in the normal functioning of our brain.

Citicoline, when combined with many other nootropic ingredients in supplements such as Mind Lab Pro, would work synergistically with other powerful brain-boosters so you can reap the many cognitive-enhancing benefits in the cleanest, most effective way, without the post-stimulant crash!

Key Take-Homes: Does Citicoline Give You Energy?

  • Citicoline is one of the most potent nootropic compounds
  • It works to provide our neurotransmitters with energy to help our brain function optimally
  • Citicoline has many nootropic effects such as promoting mood balance, improving memory, and boosting attention and focus
  • The long-term benefits include maintaining healthy brain function against age-related changes and mental decline
  • Citicoline provides us with mental energy
  • It’s most effective when combined with other brain-boosters, such as Mind Lab Pro


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