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Rhodiola and Ashwagandha Together: Benefits and How to Take

By Abigail Roberts | |

Ashwagandha and rhodiola are two of the most popular adaptogen herbs that many people supplement with for the multitude of health benefits they have to offer.

Often taken as stress relievers, energy boosters, and cognitive enhancers, it’s no surprise that these two herbs are more effective when taken together.

This article discusses the benefits of taking ashwagandha and rhodiola together as the ultimate nootropic duo, including how to take them together, and the best supplement containing ashwagandha and rhodiola.

Firstly, a short introduction to adaptogenic herbs!

Adaptogenic Herbs 101

Ashwagandha and rhodiola are best known for their adaptogenic properties.

Ever felt that stressed feeling when you have a deadline approaching? Or when your car breaks down? Or when you sleep through your alarm and you’re running late for work?

We have all experienced stress to some capacity in our lifetime, whether it be triggered by something serious or just the everyday hiccups.

While there are many ways to cope with stress and pressure, adaptogens are one effective way to manage these feelings and experiences.

To put it simply, adaptogens help our body cope better with the physical effects of stress. These herbs essentially aid our bodies in reacting to or recovering from short- and long-term stress, whether it be physical or mental.

Much research shows that these herbs can also boost immunity and promote overall good health, and also help combat fatigue, enhance cognition, ease symptoms of depression and anxiety, and help us thrive in times of need.

So, how do these herbs help with stress?!

Adaptogens can help us cope with stress better by:

  • Helping us stay longer in the “resistance” phase of stress response, helping us soldier on through a stressful situation before we (typically) mentally crash
  • Reducing stress hormones such as cortisol, which can wreak havoc on the body if out of control
  • Helping indirectly with other health issues such as pain, insomnia, and digestive issues

Now, let’s explore two of the top adaptogenic herbs!

Health Benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is considered the king of Ayurvedic herbs, and rightly so! It has been used as a stress reliever, enhancer of sexual function, and a promoter of strength and vitality.

Not only is ashwagandha one of the most effective adaptogens, it can also help:

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety

Ashwagandha is known for its anxiolytic properties, meaning that it helps reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, particularly those who are chronically stressed.

  • Reduce cortisol levels

To further add to the stress-relieving properties of ashwagandha, it has been shown that cortisol levels are significantly reduced upon supplementation of ashwagandha.

  • Enhance male fertility

This powerful, adaptive herb has also been shown to enhance male fertility by increasing the production of testosterone and improve sperm quality and concentration among infertile men.

  • Improve power output

More good news for the guys—ashwagandha has also been shown to improve power output, sprint performance, and VO2 max in trained and untrained men.

These are some key benefits of ashwagandha and the reason it’s not only used as a nootropic, but also as a testosterone booster!

Health Benefits of Rhodiola

Rhodiola Rosea is also an herb that’s been traditionally used for its adaptogenic properties.

Unlike ashwagandha which helps us cope better with stress by essentially delaying the physical response, rhodiola is thought to significantly reduce the fatigue and “burnout” feelings associated with stress and anxiety.

These effects may translate to exercise too, another form of physical stress, which is why you may find this herb in physical performance enhancers as well as nootropic stacks.

Rhodiola rosea can help with:

  • Regulating stress hormones, such as cortisol
  • Helping to support brain chemicals that are key for cognition
  • Offering neuroprotective effects on the brain
  • Promoting peak cognitive performance under stressful circumstances
  • Mood stabilization, supporting a more balanced mindset
  • Enhanced mental alertness and energy without the stimulants

Ashwagandha and Rhodiola: How Do They Work Together?

While ashwagandha and rhodiola share many similarities, ashwagandha is typically the more relaxing one whereas rhodiola is the more stimulating, energizing one.

Taken together, they can work synergistically to provide you with a calm, focused, and stabilized energy throughout the day.

There is also some speculation around one herb being better than the other, but this is like comparing apples to pears. The main point being that they are both remarkable and effective herbs alone, and even more so when taken together.

Some of the benefits of taking these herbs together include:

  • Increased mental and physical energy without the stimulants
  • Improved mental focus
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved athletic performance

So, what is the best way to take these herbs together?

The Best Way to Take Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Together

You can often find these two herbs separately, both with specified recommended doses.

You may also find these these two ingredients as part of effective and potent nootropic stacks, which is a great approach to boosting cognitive performance and promoting overall brain health.

Mind Lab Pro is a universal nootropic containing 11 cognitive-enhancing ingredients, including rhodiola rosea, that all work synergistically to provide you with the best, most potent brain benefits.

If you want the nootropic benefits as well as the testosterone-boosting, performance-enhancing benefits, Testo Lab Pro contains ashwagandha alongside other effective herbal performance boosters and key nutrients for men’s health.

Take-Home Message

Ashwagandha and rhodiola are two of the most powerful adaptogenic herbs. Often used as stress-relievers, you may find these herbs in a nootropic stack or in performance enhancing supplements.

While they both have remarkable benefits as standalone herbs, they are even more effective when taken together.

Increased mental focus, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased energy are just a handful of the effects that you will experience when taking these supplements.

You can find rhodiola rosea as part of some of the best nootropic formulas on the market, such as Mind Lab Pro. Additionally, you can find Ashwagandha in the most effective, natural testosterone boosters, such as Testo Lab Pro.

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