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Need to get mentally sharper
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work, and life?

Step into The Mind Lab™
and discover ways to:

  • Enhance memory
  • Accelerate learning
  • Improve problem solving
  • Achieve optimal brain health
  • Avoid age related cognitive decline
  Mind Lab Pro Advanced Nootropic
  • cGMP Quality
  • 100% Natural
  • Allergen Free
  • Non GMO
  • Vegetarian and Vegan
  • Caffeine Free
Age 20 Age 40 Age 60 Age 80

A 100% natural way to achieve optimal brain health and performance. Formulated to help you improve memory – and think faster and more clearly.

We live in a fast-paced, competitive world. A place where, to succeed and win, you’ve got to think quickly, well, and on your feet. And better than your competitors, classmates, your boss, and even your coworkers, colleagues, and friends!

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have for getting what you want in life. So it makes sense to protect your brain, nourish it, and keep it operating at peak performance.

But the problem is that, even at a young age, many of us have lost half a step mentally. The brain’s supply of neurons begins to diminish in our youth and continues steadily as we get older.

From age 20 to 80 years, the white matter in the brain – the portion consisting of nerve fibers – shrinks by 45%. And a study in the British Medical Journal found that significant decline in your mental sharpness can start as early as age 45.

“Our cognitive brain performance peaks at age 42. After that, your brain power diminishes steadily during your last 30 to 40 years or so of life.”Center for Brain Health, University of Texas at Dallas

Age 20
Age 40
Age 60
Age 80

As a result, while we gain wisdom and experience with age, we lose the ability to quickly process information. Our capacity to make swift decisions, take correct actions, learn new skills and knowledge, solve problems, reason, remember, and – to put it bluntly, to think – becomes impaired.

And so we fall farther and farther behind, mentally, of what we once were.

But now, thanks to The Mind Lab™, a division of Opti-Nutra™ dedicated to cognitive research and neuroscience, and our breakthrough brain optimizer, Mind Lab Pro™, we can enjoy the mental sharpness and focus we had in our youth once again!

“I’ve been using Mind Lab Pro™ capsules for 2 weeks now
and I already feel like I’m 10 steps ahead of my colleagues!”

– Steve Jones, Senior Accountant

Step inside The Mind Lab™ and power up your brain!

The number of people who are concerned about maintaining optimal brain health is huge: More than 15 million adults age 18 or older suffer from age-related cognitive impairments. Each year, over a million new cases of adult onset brain disease or disorders are diagnosed in the U.S.

This epidemic of suboptimal brain function has attracted the best and brightest minds in the scientific ommunity to work on ways to take your mental performance to the next level.

15 Million Sufferers

These researchers are top scientists, doctors, and psychologists from some of the most prestigious hospitals and medical schools on the planet: Uppsala University in Sweden … Volgograd Medical Academy in Russia … University of Alberta … University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine … Leiden University … University of Groningen, Netherlands … the list goes on and on.

The results of their massive research effort have been published in hundreds of clinical studies in dozens of peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals – fom the Journal of Nutrition and Pharmacological Biochemical Behaviors, to Phytomedicine and BMC Complementary Alternative Medicine, to Biological Pharmaceutical Bulletin and Evidence Based Complimentary Medicine.

At The Mind Lab™, we conducted an exhaustive review of this massive body of published clinical research data and have come to
three amazing conclusions…

15 Million Sufferers

The 3 Little-Known Secrets of Optimal Brain Functionality

Side Effects

Side Effects

First, the majority of brain enhancers – especially prescription medications – simply do not work. And many can be downright dangerous, with side effects ranging from anxiety and heart palpitations, to bruising and blistering, to headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, even seizures. So you’re not going to find the solution to your mental slow-down at the corner drug store.

Effective Brain Optimizers

Effective Brain Optimizers

Second, the research has narrowed down the most effective brain optimizers to a short list of almost a dozen bioactive compounds, proven in clinical trials to improve memory and enhance thinking in a significant and measurable way.

Effective Brain Optimizers

100% Natural Substances

Third, all of the top 11 brain optimizers are, perhaps surprisingly, nootropics: 100% natural substances – herbals, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids – without a pharmaceutical in the bunch. Which means they can make you mentally sharper without putting your health at risk.


Share in Mind Lab’s discoveries for superior brain health!

Here’s just a sampling of the brain optimizing discoveries made in The Mind Lab™…

Cognizin (citicoline)

Cognizin® (citicoline)

The biggest benefit of Cognizin, a premium form of citicoline, is that is supports mitochondria which generate power for all brain cells. It has been clinically shown that taking 500 mg Cognizin daily increases brain energy 13.6%.

This boost in cellular power energizes cognitive performance, enhances focus, and improves concentration and mental sharpness – all without the crash of stimulants, which can make you jittery. Plus, Cognizin improves memory in both healthy adults as well as patients with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

In a study conducted by Erin McGlade, healthy adult women age 40 to 60 were divided into three groups taking either 250 mg choline, 500 mg choline, or a placebo for 28 days, after which they were tested to measure attentional performance. Result: significantly better ability to produce correct responses to test questions, likely due to improved cognition.



PS is a key building block for making new neurons. Specifically, PS is critical in forming neuron membranes. Within the neuron membrane, PS optimizes neurotransmitters and their receptors, enhancing the transmission of signals between brain cells. It also boosts production of the key neurotransmitters acetylcholine and dopamine.

By helping to grow new neurons, PS is a powerful agent for slowing, halting, or even reversing age-related brain deterioration. PS also helps immune cells dispose of old, toxic brain cells that would otherwise damage your healthy neurons.

Hercium Erinaceus

Lion’s Mane mushroom

Used in traditional Chinese medicine, Lion’s Mane stimulates nerve growth factor synthesis. This in turn triggers neurogenesis, the creation of new brain cells – specifically, nerve cells.

Special proteins called Nerve Growth Factors (NGFs) stimulate the differentiation and re-myelination of neurons. Lion’s Mane contains two novel classes of NGFs – hericenones and erinacines – thought to have neuroprotective properties.

In a Japanese study published in Phytotherapy Research, participants ranging in age from 50 to 80 with mild cognitive impairment took 1,000 mg of Lion’s Mane three times daily for 16 weeks. They showed a significant increase in scores on a cognitive function scale compared with a placebo group.

Opti Nutra

Now The Mind Lab™ is Yours in a Bottle!

At The Mind Lab, we went a step further than just data mining the clinical literature to create the authoritative "short list" of the world’s 11 safest and most effective natural brain optimizers.

We also took note of the dosages used in these studies so we’d know just how much of each nutrient you need daily to get the desired brain boost.

We then created a pill, Mind Lab Pro™, containing all 11 natural brain optimizers, with the most clinically efficacious dosages of each bioactive compound.

By taking just two Mind Lab Pro™ capsules a day, you will achieve rapid improvement in brain function, including the ability to:

  • Think on your feet more quickly
  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Feel sharper and more mentally alert
  • Enhance your problem solving abilities
  • Make better and more informed decisions
  • Reason more soundly and logically
  • Process information and ideas much faster

You feed your body with protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and other nutrients three times a day or more to stay healthy – and have energy and vitality. The healthier your diet, the fitter and healthier you will be.

Doesn’t it make sense to feed your brain at least once a day to make sure it too has all the nutrients it needs to maintain optimal cognition and memory – keep your brain healthy and energized – and ensure that YOU are the sharpest tool in the shed?


To order a bottle of Mind Lab Pro™ on a no-risk 30-day trial basis, click below now.


To order a bottle of Mind Lab Pro™ on a no-risk 30-day trial basis, click below now.

Mind Lab Pro Advanced Nootropic

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