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Best Nootropics 2024: Top Supplements for 100% Brain Power

By Dr. Ramon Velazquez Ph.D.

Today's best nootropic supplements improve mental performance and brain health in many ways. But with so many options on the market, choosing the right product can be confusing. This buying guide is written to do help you pick the best nootropic for your needs.

We'll discuss which nootropics actually work. Starting with a quick rundown of the top nootropic products available in 2024.

After that we'll do a deep dive on the ingredients found in top products, and the science behind them. Followed by a more detailed guide on today's best nootropic supplements, including pricing and deals. We reference clinical studies on nootropic ingredients and supplements, too.

Along the way, we will touch upon how we determine which are the best nootropics, and what kind of features to look for when evaluating different products. Let's get to it!

Quick Summary: Best Brain Supplements

A white bottle next to a box and two capsules

#1 Best Overall: Mind Lab Pro®

If you're looking for one brain pill that does it all, Mind Lab Pro® (MLP®, the Universal Nootropic) is perfect for you. MLP® supplies 11 dynamic natural nootropics including many of the best: citicoline, phosphatidylserine (PS), maritime pine bark extract, lion's mane mushroom and more.

The formula goal: Boost multiple brain pathways at once to function as a whole-brain optimizer. Due to this versatile "Swiss Army Knife" design, MLP® delivers broad-range cognitive enhancement, helping:

  • Focus, attention & concentration
  • Memory, recall and learning
  • Mental energy (without caffeine)
  • Motivation, intensity and drive
  • Creative, clear and relaxed thinking
  • Bright and balanced mood
  • Helps improve brain health overall

In other words, Mind Lab Pro is designed to help you perform better at everything. Work, studying, athletics, gaming, creating, socializing or any other activity where you want to excel.

MLP® is also #1-ranked because it is one of the very few nootropic products that is actually backed by human research:

  • Study 1: Subjects taking MLP showed significant improvements (compared to placebo) in information processing tasks.(1)
  • Study 2: Subjects taking MLP had significant improvements across multiple memory functions, including auditory, visual, visual working, immediate and delayed recall memory.(2)

Get the Best Deal on MLP® Now

Additional top nootropic supplement picks to consider in 2024

While Mind Lab Pro® is the best pure all-round brain-booster on the market, it's not your only option.

Here are some more of the top high-quality nootropics for specific cognitive functions and concerns:

Performance Lab® Mind: #1 for productivity; targets focus, ADHD symptoms, stress, burnout, etc. Great for working professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and other individuals with high-stress lifestyles who want to banish brain fog.

Pre Lab Pro®: Best nootropic pre-workout. Supplies moderate dose of athletics-tuned caffeine, sports nutrients and nootropics to unlock mind-over-matter performance. Energy, endurance, focus, motivation, intensity and more, in a great-tasting berry-flavored drink mix.

Performance Lab® Prebiotic: Top supplement to boost the gut-brain connection. Premium fiber in vegan capsules that nourishes gut probiotics (the microbiome) which in turn promotes brain chemicals that help depression, anxiety and overall mood.

Caffeine 2: Best caffeine pill. Enhanced with nootropics that help caffeine to work better, it produces a clean surge of mental energy and alertness without the jitters and crashes associated with typical stimulant formulas. A smarter caffeine for students and professionals.

Performance Lab® Omega-3: Advanced plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA+EPA) nootropic. All of the brain health and cognition benefits Omega-3s, but in an ultraclean algae-sourced form. No fishy taste, gastric distress, or negative environmental impact like with fish oil.

Nu:tropic: Best nootropic energy snack bar, the only "functional food" product on our list. Wholesome ingredients combine with natural energizers and nootopics to crush hunger-related distractions, boost brainpower and nourish brain health over time.

Performance Lab® Energy: Top caffeine-free nootropic. Optimizes cells powerplant mitochondria, which are highly concentrated in the brain. If you want to boost brainpower (and physical performance!) with a clean, stim-free energy surge, this formula is for you.

MCT Energy Oil: Fastest acting performance boost for brain and body in a versatile neutral-tasting oil format. Supplying purified C8+C10 MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) from 100% organic non-GMO coconuts, it is high-octane fuel for clean, efficient brainpower.

Performance Lab® Sleep: Delivers a big brainpower boost via perfect sleep quality. Low-dose melatonin from tart cherry means no synthetic megadose brain fog or grogginess. It also relaxes muscles, soothes body aches and settles the whole nervous system for easy deep sleep.

We go into more detail on each of these nootropic supplements further down the page.

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What are Nootropics?

A collage of different types of ingredients

Before we explore today's greatest nootropic supplements, let's do a quick refresher on what nootropics are and what they can do.

Nootropics are also known as brain supplements, cognitive enhancers or smart drugs.

Nootropic supplements may enhance mental performance in many ways. Memory, mental clarity, focus, attention, motivation, relaxation, mood, mental alertness, stress resistance and more.

The best nootropics are also healthy for the brain -- nourishing it over time and helping to fight the cognitive effects of aging and related challenges.

Nootropics can be single nutrients -- for example, an herb, an amino acid, a vitamin, etc. -- that are offered on their own in single-ingredient supplements.

Nootropics can also refer to multi-ingredient formulas. These "stack" supplements combine nootropics to unlock bigger, better and more versatile cognitive benefits.

*In this article we are covering the best of both, starting with top single-nutrient nootropics.

For the full story on what nootropics are and what they do, check out our detailed article on the topic.

What to look for when buying a nootropic supplement

So what makes a nootropic the best? It starts with scientific evidence showing they boost brain function in one (or many) ways, such as:

  • Improving mental function: Support for memory, attention, focus, mental processing speed and concentration. Nootropics also help motivation, mood and other cognitive function pathways.
  • Addressing specific cognitive concerns: For example, the best nootropic for ADHD specifically, for Age-Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI), for energy, for cognitive decline, mood, etc.
  • Promoting overall brain health: Brain health helps enhance cognitive function, supplements that nourish, optimize and protect the brain are also considered mental performance-boosters.

Most scientific evidence out there investigates the ingredients that are found in products, rather than the products themselves.

Very rarely you will find a product that has been researched in a clinical setting (like our top pick, MLP®), but when you do, consider it a top-shelf supplement.

Quality plays a big part in determining which nootropic supplements are the best.

When evaluating the best products for this article, quality was a top priority. The quality umbrella covers many features we're looking for in today's top nootropic supplement products:

  • Safety. Top importance! Safe, well-researched and appropriately dosed ingredients
  • Formulation: Strategically combining nootropics for maximum effectiveness
  • Absorption: Premium easy-to-digest ingredients and advanced delivery forms
  • Vegan, vegetarian and plant-based; Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved
  • Clean labels: no artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, fillers etc.
  • Gluten free, no major allergens, using organic ingredients where possible
  • Transparent ingredients: all dosages are listed, nothing hidden in proprietary blends
  • Third-party testing: Assayed by independent lab to ensure cleanliness and potency
  • Eco-friendly and ethical, ideally backed with a B-Corporation status
  • Customer-friendly policies, including pricing, shipping and customer service
  • Good standing with their customers and community; lots of positive reviews
  • Value. Investing in a nootropic should deliver a lot of bang for the buck.
A group of blue icons with text

The top nootropic supplements discussed in this article meet all of the above criteria.

Next, let's take a closer look at the ingredients in today's best nootropic supplements that make them so effective. Especially when they are combined for synergy in multi-ingredient products or multi-product nootropic regimens.

Best Nootropics: Top Supplement Ingredients of 2024

A blue brain with lightning

All of the following nootropic supplement ingredients are backed by science. Many have strong "Gold Standard" (randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled) human research studies demonstrating their ability to enhance cognitive function.

The best nootropics we're about to dive into boost the brain across many pathways, including:

  • Energy. The brain performs better and stays healthier when it is fully energized
  • Brain chemicals. Supplying building blocks to make what you need for high performance
  • Blood flow. Delivers energizing oxygen and performance-enhancing nourishment to the brain
  • Brain waves. Tuning to the frequencies associated with calm, clear and creative thinking
  • Brain protection. Defending brain cells from damage related to aging, inflammation, toxins, etc.
  • Microbiome. Boosting the "second brain" (gut probiotics) helps mood, motivation, satisfaction.

Read the full story on how nootropics work.

Today's best nootropic ingredients that deliver these benefits in supplement formulas include:

Citicoline - Top Nootropic for Brain Energy

Citicoline is the top overall nootropic ingredient to promote brain health and peak cognitive performance.

Citicoline is an effective mental energizer that works without any stimulation, and may be considered as the best nootropic for energy.

It powers up the brain on a cellular level - within healthy brain cells' powerhouse mitochondria - to enhance alertness, reduce mental fatigue and improve mental function. All without the "crash" of a stimulant.

  • One human research study found that Citicoline (as Cognizin®) may boost brain energy production by 13.6% and accelerate brain cell formation by 26%.(3)

Citicoline works in many other ways to boost cognitive abilities, too. It influences cerebral circulation, helps protect and repair brain cells, supports brain chemical production and more.

Due to its multitasking activities, researchers have suggested it may help with:

  • General cognitive function.(4)
  • Attention and reaction time.(5)
  • Memory performance.(6)
  • Verbal learning performance.(7)
  • Age-related cognitive decline.(8)

Human research suggests Citicoline may improve cognitive function related to attention.

A graph of changes in focus and concentration using Cognizin®

In more recent research, one clinical study published in 2023 found that subjects dealing with cognitive decline who took citicoline experienced improvements in language and attention.(9)

Beyond boosting performance-driven brain functions, Citicoline nourishes healthy brain regeneration - further benefiting long-range brain wellness.

Learn more about Citicoline

Phosphatidylserine (PS) - Best Nootropic for Memory

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an excellent nootropic supplement for memory and cognitive function, with additional anti-stress effects that help competitive performance.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid nootropic used in brain cell genesis, repair and maintenance. It also plays roles in neural energy metabolism, neurotransmitters, nerve growth factor (NGF) and other brain pathways.

PS supports overall cognitive function but is mostly known as one of the best nootropics for memory.

Research suggests PS may improve formation and storage of short-term memories, consolidation of long-term memories, memory retention and memory retrieval (also known as recall).(10)

Additional cognitive performance benefits linked to PS supplementation include:

  • Stress reduction and mood balance.(11)
  • Improved cognitive function in age-related mental impairment.(12)
  • Increasing sports-oriented cognitive functions.(13)
  • Memory enhancement in elderly subjects.(14)

Phosphatidylserine is well-established and has been the subject of numerous clinical trials as a brain supplement, including some research suggesting it may even have potential for Alzheimer's.

In a 2022 review, researchers noted that PS is safe and well tolerated, and due to its roles in nerve signaling, inflammation regulation and brain plasticity may be a promising supplement for helping to maintain brain health.(15)

Learn more about Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Bacopa Monnieri - Best Nootropic for Studying and Learning

A group of people studying together

Bacopa Monnieri is one of the top nootropic supplements for studying, with unique brainpower benefits that boost memory, learning and cognition under stress.

This traditional Ayurvedic herb supplies active nootropic bacosides, which regulate brain chemicals (such as GABA) and brain circulation, nourish neural regeneration and raise brain-protective antioxidants (superoxide dismutase [SOD], glutathione peroxidase [GPx]).

Bacopa Monnieri's versatile brain benefits deliver some of the best cognitive effects for students and learners.

It may also help anyone seeking a sharp mental performance edge, better brain health and less stress and anxiety without stimulants or a prescription drug.

Researchers have suggested that Bacopa Monnieri may help to:

  • Improve learning retention, slowing the rate at which we forget newly acquired information.(16)
  • Significantly improve memory acquisition and retention in older adults.(17)
  • Supply neuroprotective activities that may be therapeutic in memory loss.(18)
  • Activate the brain for clear thinking under stress (animal research).(19)

Human research shows Bacopa Monnieri may boost memory, learning, recall and more:

A graph of improvement in immediate recall using Bacopa Monnieri

In a study that included 81 healthy adults over age 55, Bacopa Monnieri supplementation for 12 weeks significantly improved verbal learning, memory acquisition, and delayed recall memory.(20)

Another study found that in weeks 0-12, a 36.5% improvement was noted with Bacopa supplementation; over 24 weeks, a 78% improvement in delayed recall was noted with Bacopa.(21)

In a more recent 2023 review, researchers summarized Bacopa benefits for anxiety, memory, information processing and more, as well as calling it a "calming cognitive enhancer."(22)

Learn more about Bacopa Monnieri

Lion's Mane Mushroom - Trending Nootropic for Brain Health and Mood

A Lion's Mane Mushroom growing on the ground next to a tree

According to scientific research, Lion's Mane Mushroom is among the best nootropic supplements for Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).(23)

Lion's mane benefits are attributed to its active nootropics: hericenones and erinacines. Its NGF-boosting bioactivity is rare, but highly significant for brain wellness and mental performance:

  • Healthy NGF levels support many brain pathways including plasticity, neural regeneration, cell-to-cell signaling, brain cell replication, neuroprotection and more
  • Suboptimal NGF levels have been linked to blue moods, poor memory issues and age-related mild cognitive impairment

Researchers suggest Lion's Mane Mushroom's NGF support may boost the brain by:

  • Increasing cognitive performance scores in older adults with mild age-related cognitive issues.(24)
  • Potentially helping to clear brain fog, balance mood and ease anxiety.(25)

Lion's Mane Mushroom (Yamabushitake) has been shown to enhance cognitive performance in human research.

A graph of improvement in cognitive function using Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane Mushroom is a red-hot nootropic supplement. As it has gained popularity over the past few years, new research has emerged.

In a 2023 clinical study, researchers focused on the mushroom's compound hericene A and found it to be highly effective in promoting nerve growth, which in turn may improve cognitive performance.(26)

Learn more about Lion's Mane Mushroom

Maritime Pine Bark Extract - Best Antioxidant Nootropic

Close-up of a tree bark

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is among the best nootropics because it combines potent brain anti-aging activity with natural support for cerebral circulation and neural regeneration.

Antioxidants fight cell aging, including within the brain. Here, they work to improve cognitive function by neutralizing the cell-damaging, age-accelerating effects of toxic free radicals.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is a strong antioxidant substance because it supplies dozens of brain-protective flavonoid antioxidants (called proanthocyanidins) in one complex that is 50X stronger than vitamin C and can cross the blood-brain barrier.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract is the top nootropic antioxidant because it does far more than protect the brain.

The flavonoid antioxidants that are found in Maritime Pine Bark also:

  • Stimulate Nitric Oxide (NO), which increases blood flow to the brain(27), similar to ginkgo biloba
  • Help raise levels of BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) for brain regeneration.(28)

Researchers have linked flavonoids' bioactivities to improvements in memory, learning, overall mental function, clarity, as well as a potential reversal of age-related cognitive decline.(29)

Tip: Researchers have investigated Maritime Pine Bark Extract for its potential to improve focus, and may be one of the best nootropics for ADHD in 2023 (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Learn more about Maritime Pine Bark Extract

L-Tyrosine - Best for Performing Under Stress and Anxiety

L-Tyrosine is the best nootropic for achieving peak cognition in challenging, pressure-filled situations - and then supporting mental recovery afterwards.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid used to make brain chemicals involved in memory, mood and mental processing, including dopamine and norepinephrine.

Stress, multitasking and other intense cognitive functions deplete these performance-oriented neurotransmitters, which may lead to brain fog and attention problems.

By maintaining stress-depleted neurotransmitters, L-Tyrosine has enhanced mental performance in stressful, distracting and demanding scenarios.

Researchers have suggested L-Tyrosine improves:

  • Working memory and learning speed during cold water immersion.(30)
  • Mental performance during loud 90 decibel noise exposure.(31)
  • Short-term memory during demanding multitasking activities.(32)
  • Cognitive performance and mood during sleep deprivation.(33)

L-Tyrosine is valued by brain-boosters and athletes. Found in many sports nutrition products, it is one of the best nootropics for pre-workout use.

In recent research, a 2022 human clinical trial linked tyrosine supplementation to improvements in response times and decision making on cognitive tasks, and reduced signs of physiological stress.(34)

Tip: Many of today's best nootropic formulas will use the N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) form of this nutrient because it may be more bioavailable and easier to absorb.

Learn more about L-Tyrosine

L-Theanine - Best Nootropic for Relaxation and Creativity

A group of green leaves

L-Theanine's Alpha brain wave-boosting activity makes it the best amino acid nootropic for relaxed mental clarity. It also helps support sleep and healthy brain function.

One of the soothing amino acids from green tea, L-Theanine raises activity of Alpha brainwaves.(35)

By tuning the brain to an Alpha frequency (8-14 Hz), settling excitable neurotransmitters and promoting calming neurotransmitters, L-Theanine helps produce feelings of wakeful relaxation, mood enhancement, creative thinking, sharp cognitive ability and calm mental clarity.

Beyond its reputation as the top nootropic for creativity and relaxation, researchers have suggested that amino acid L-Theanine may support cognitive function in many additional ways. Its nootropic benefits may include:

  • Activating and enhancing the brain's attention circuitry.(36)
  • Reducing stress during demanding multitasking tasks.(37)
  • Enhancing age-related cognitive performance and protecting the brain.(38)
  • Improving performance on math tasks in a stressful environment.(39)
  • Helping to reduce the side effects of caffeine, for alertness without jitters.(40)

In more recent research, a 2021 study found that a single dose of L-Theanine was associated with faster reaction time during attention-related cognitive tasks and fewer errors in working memory tasks. Researchers concluded theanine as a nootropic supplement may improve working memory, attention and executive function.(41)

Look for L-Theanine in the most effective brain supplements for brain functions tied to Alpha brain waves, such as alertness, relaxation, creativity and clarity. You can also take it to simply improve focus and feel more tranquil, for meditation, art creation, studying and more.

Learn more about L-Theanine

Rhodiola Rosea - Top Legal Performance Enhancer Nootropic

A close-up of Rhodiola Rosea plant

Rhodiola Rosea is a great natural nootropic supplement for mental and physical health. It strengthens you against stress, as well as helping mood, physical intensity and work productivity.

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the best nootropics overall for improving cognitive performance and is considered a must-have ingredient in performance-oriented brain supplements.

Rhodiola Rosea is classified as an herbal adaptogen that works in part because it blunts the production of stress hormones -- including stress hormone cortisol -- to strengthen mental (and physical) resistance to various stressors.(42) It also stimulates brain chemicals including norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

Rhodiola's balancing, strengthening and stress-fighting benefits are linked to far-reaching brainpower enhancements.

The herb improves concentration ability and clears brain fog. Rhodiola minimizes the negative effects of stress while promoting calm and clear thinking under pressure. It is suggested to improve memory and attention.

Considered a legal performance enhancer, Rhodiola rosea is a top nootropic for athletes. It is also one of the natural nootropics that has been used in Russia for powerlifters and for biathletes in competition, including the Olympics.

Researchers have suggested this herb may help brain function in several ways:

  • Enhances mental and physical performance.(43)
  • Promotes an anti-fatigue effect under stressful working conditions.(44)
  • Supports mental energy and neuro-motoric testing scores.(45)
  • Reduces mental fatigue in night-shift physicians.(46)
  • Helps support cognitive function via a bright and balanced mood.(47)

Rhodiola Rosea has been linked to mental energy benefits in human clinical research.

A graph of improvement in mental fatigue after taking Rhodiola Rosea

Further, in a 2022 clinical review, researchers noted Rhodiola rosea studies on cognitive abilities and mental performance, especially as it relates to fatigue, burnout and stress. They concluded that there is encouraging research for Rhodiola rosea's ability to help with stress-induced cognitive challenges.(48)

Tip: Rhodiola rosea's active ingredients are called rosavins and salidrosides. Quality supplements will be "standardized" for these compounds, which is your guarantee that they are not only present, but present at near-exact levels within the supplement.

Learn more about Rhodiola Rosea

Vitamins B6, B9, B12 - Best Nootropic Vitamins for Brain Health

B-Vitamins are among the best vitamins to boost cognitive function, but not everybody gets enough. The whole B-Complex supports the brain, but three B vitamins in particular are most important:

Vitamin B6: Great in nootropic supplements because it regulates neurotransmitters involved in healthy cognition, mood and memory performance. B6 has improved cognitive performance in research showing it:

  • Significantly improves the brain's storage of information.(49)
  • Supports brain chemicals associated with a bright, healthy mood.(50)

Vitamin B9: helps balance homocysteine levels, thereby optimizing blood circulation to the brain and production of cognition-critical neurotransmitters.

High homocysteine levels correlate to low B9 intake. Both are linked to cognitive decline and unhealthy changes to brain structure.(51)

  • Vitamin B9 supplementation is shown to increase blood B9 levels by 576%, reduce homocysteine by 26%, and significantly improve memory and information processing speed.(52)

B9 also plays a role in the synthesis of the brain chemicals serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.(53)

Vitamin B12: supports brain cell energy metabolism and the formation of healthy, protective nerve sheaths (myelin production).(54)

Low levels of B12 are associated with cognitive decline and mental imbalance. Researchers have suggested that as a nootropic, Vitamin B12 may help:

  • Maintain brain size against age-related shrinkage.(55)
  • Reverse age-related cognitive concerns in some older adults.(56)
  • Support healthy blood flow to the brain.(57)

Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 are the best vitamin nootropics for overall brain wellness.

When stacked together Vitamins B6, B9 and B12 unlock another benefit that makes them three of the best nootropics for long-range brain health: They help to regulate homocysteine levels.

High homocysteine is a strong risk factor for cognitive decline because it interferes with circulation to the brain. The good news? There's something you can do about it.

In a meta-analysis review of 12 human clinical trials including over 1,100 study subjects, researchers suggested that:(58)

  • Supplementation with .5 mg of Vitamin B9 appears to be associated with a 25% reduction in blood homocysteine concentrations;
  • Adding .5 mcg of Vitamin B12 to the regimen was associated with an additional 7% reduction in blood homocysteine levels.

Tip: If you want the best B-vitamins, look for NutriGenesis® essential vitamins and minerals. They are "lab-grown" using a patented eco-friendly process that yields safe, clean, easy-to-absorb nutrients.

MCT Oil - Top Nootropic for Energy, Fasting, Keto and Exercise

Typically sourced from coconut oil, medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are an efficient "alternative fuel" for brain cells' powerhouse mitochondria.(59)

Medium-chain triglycerides are converted into ketones, which cross the blood-brain barrier and are used as fuel by brain cells when glucose is not present.

By serving as a clean, efficient fuel source for the brain, MCTs may bust brain fog while helping to improve cognitive function, mental vitality and overall brain health.

It all adds up to MCT oil fueling brain cells and uniquely supporting your performance, clarity and long-range health.

Also, this nootropic supplement has a liquid oil delivery form, so it is versatile. You can add it to foods, coffee, smoothies, and dressings.

Tip: MCT oil can power the muscles as well as the brain. It has research-backed physical performance benefits and metabolic benefits, and is an effective pre-workout nutrient, especially for fasted training.

Prebiotics - Top Nootropics for Boosting the Gut-Brain Connection

Prebiotic fiber boosts the probiotic colony (microbiome) that lives within the gut. The microbiome has been tied to many aspects of healthy mental function.

You've heard of the "second brain," right? The microbiome of beneficial bacteria that inhabits the gut can have a big impact on the brain. Taking probiotics can help, but taking a prebiotic may be even better.

Prebiotic fiber feeds your microbiome, helping beneficial bacteria (probiotics) to multiply and flourish.

A healthy microbiome, in turn, impacts overall health in a lot of ways, including supporting digestion, immune function, energy levels and more.

In the context of the brain health and cognitive ability, the microbiome plays a role in producing brain chemicals. In fact, the gut creates roughly 95% of your "feel good" serotonin supply.(60)

As a result, it should come as no surprise that microbiome-nourishing prebiotics can help cognition.

A 2020 clinical study supports the idea that prebiotics may be used as nootropic supplements: researchers reported prebiotics may help those with cognitive issues, depression and anxiety to feel better and improve their quality of life.(61)

Tip: Chicory root is the best prebiotic fiber for the gut-brain connection. It boosts the Bifidobacterium strain of probiotics. Researchers suggest Bifidobacterium supports multiple brain chemicals, including dopamine, GABA and norepinephrine, and as a result may have some mood-regulating and anti-stress benefits.(62)

Omega-3s - Best for Long-Range Healthy Brain Function

"Good fats" for the brain include the Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which help to modulate inflammation and nourish brain cell membranes.

Omega-3 fatty acids are known for supporting health across many body systems, including the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and immune system.

As it turns out, these good fats may have nootropic properties that help with cognitive functions, too.

The Omega-3 fatty acid DHA in particular is suggested to maintain flexible, fluid cell membranes throughout the body -- especially brain cells.

In one study that tracked nearly 900 people, researchers reported that those with the highest levels of DHA in their bodies appeared to have a 47% reduction in their risk of age-related cognitive dysfunction.(63)

While DHA may not be a performance-driving nootropic, its crucial role in overall brain health and numerous health benefits make it a must-have for any nootropic supplement regimen.

Caffeine - Top Nootropic for Mental Fatigue & Gym Performance

Caffeine may very well be the most popular brain booster in the world. It is a great addition to any nootropic regimen desinged to improve mental performance... as long as you use it the right way.

Caffeine works by sustaining the activity of brain chemicals that keep us awake and alert. It feels like energy, but it is really stimulation. Either way, it helps millions of people to boost their cognition.

One large meta-analysis found that caffeine benefits several brain functions like vigilance, memory, mood and reaction time.

However, it's worth noting that low-to-moderate caffeine intake had the best brain-boosting effects, so mega-dosing may not be the greatest strategy for peak results.(64)

A diagram of a caffeine intake

Tip: Today's more advanced nootropic supplements (and the best caffeine pills on the market) are careful with their caffeine dosage, and the best will combine caffeine with other nootropic nutrients that help it work better (such as L-Theanine).

Beetroot - A Leading Pre-Workout Nootropic for Strength & Endurance

A group of sliced beets

Beetroot supplies an active ingredient called nitrate. It is known for its ability to boost nitric oxide production, which in turn relaxes blood vessels and promotes robust circulation.(65)

Athletes have long prized beetroot's energizing rush. It is a popular pre-workout for "pumping up" the muscles and improving athletic performance via enhanced blood flow.

Evidence suggests beetroot may also increase blood flow to the brain, too... with related benefits that enhance mental performance.

With dual-action ergogenic and nootropic properties, beetroot is one of the best performance enhancers you can take to prime your body and mind before going to the gym.

In one study, researchers found dietary nitrate from beetroot enhanced repeated sprint performance while minimizing cognitive deficits that typically accompany intermittent high-intensity exercise.(66)

Magnesium - Best Mood - and Sleep-Enhancing Mineral Nootropic

Magnesium a crucial mineral, acting as a cofactor in over 300 enzymatic reactions vital for sustaining life, including bioactivities that support cognitive performance. Three categories where magnesium can make a difference as a nootropic include:

  1. Brain chemicals: Magnesium's support for sleep extends from its mood-enhancing properties, including stress reduction. Magnesium aids in the promotion of GABA, a neurotransmitter known for promoting relaxation and quality sleep.
  2. Energy production: Magnesium plays a crucial role in cellular energy production. It is essential for the formation and release of ATP, the molecule responsible for providing energy that optimizes cognitive function, physical performance, and overall vitality.
  3. Deep, restful sleep: Low magnesium is linked to sleep problems. Healthy magnesium intake, helps to relax muscles, soothe frayed nerves, and promote good sleep in many ways. It's been suggested to help people to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

All of these beneficial activities appear to position magnesium as a good nootropic option for helping to lift the blue moods that can limit your brainpower.

In one human clinical trial, researchers reported that magnesium supplementation was a fast-acting, well-tolerated and effective therapy for helping people with mild-to-moderate depression to feel better.(67)

Best Nootropics Supplements of 2024: Explained in Detail

The above list covers some of the most effective single-ingredient nootropic supplements on the market today.

But many biohackers are looking for more cognitive benefits than a single ingredient or smart drug can provide. Enter the "Nootropic Stack Supplement" that combines the best cognitive enhancers into one formula, order to improve human brain function in many ways.

Here are some of the best to boost brain health, cognitive abilities and more. Along with some single-ingredient brain supplements that can be "stacked" seamlessly and effectively with other top products on the list.

#1. Mind Lab Pro® is the Overall Best Nootropic on the Market

A bottle MLP with a blue background

Mind Lab Pro® combines the best nootropics from a long list of possibilities, making it the greatest of all nootropic stacks you can buy on the market today.

The formulators behind this product combined 11 research-backed nootropics that each deliver multiple brain health and cognitive benefits.

This approach results in a "100% Brainpower/Universal Nootropic" effect that flexes to enhance anything you need cognitively, whenever you need it -- whoever you are, and whatever your goals may be.

So when you're under pressure, MLP helps you relax and perform. When you need cognitive intensity, it charges you up. When you're studying or learning, it helps you store and retain new knowledge. If you need to improve mental clarity or mental acuity, this is one supplement that can do both. All while nourishing your brain for long-range health.

MLP ingredients include many of the best nootropics in 2024 to improve brain function:

  • Citicoline, 250 mg
  • Phosphatidylserine (PS), 100 mg
  • Bacopa monnieri, 150 mg (full-spectrum extract, 24% bacosides with 9 bioactives)
  • Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, 500 mg (fruit and mycelium)
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract, 75 mg: (Standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins)
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, 175 mg
  • L-Theanine, 100 mg
  • Rhodiola rosea, 50 mg (Standardized to 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides)
  • NutriGenesis® B-Vitamins: Vitamin B6 (2.5 mg), Vitamin B9 (100 mcg), Vitamin B12 (7.5 mcg)

As a result of its far-reaching design, MLP impacts more brain pathways and delivers more brain function benefits than any other dietary supplements on the market. It supports:

  • Focus, attention and concentration for productivity
  • Clean natural mental energy without caffeine; no crashes
  • Peak mental performance under stress, multitasking, etc.
  • Helps enhance memory: short-term, long-range, learning, recall
  • Crystal mental clarity, easy multitasking, quick processing speed
  • A bright, balanced, calm and motivated mood

Because it is the world's first Universal Nootropic™, Mind Lab Pro® boosts all aspects of cognition in all types of people - especially those whose active lifestyles demand dynamic brainpower:

Students and Learners: Mind Lab Pro® nootropics enhance the process of studying and learning, improving attention, memory retention, and recall abilities, all the while fortifying the mind's resilience to stress.

Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts: Mind Lab Pro® elevates performance levels, whether you're hitting the weights or stepping onto the playing field, by optimizing brain chemistry for heightened motivation, willpower, and intensity.

Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners: Mind Lab Pro® enhances work performance and productivity, aiding in concentration, effective multitasking under stressful conditions, creative problem-solving, and more.

Gamers and E-Sport Competitors: Mind Lab Pro® bolsters a calm mindset, intelligent strategic thinking, and precise memory, attributes crucial for success in various sports and gaming competitions.

Adults Over Age 50: Mind Lab Pro® serves as the ultimate Quality of Life solution for mature adults seeking additional support for memory enhancement, mental clarity, and long-term brain health.

Since MLP® is designed to help make the whole brain healthier and more resilient the longer you take it, you may notice all of these benefits steadily building over weeks and months.

Quality is another big reason why MLP® is the top nootropic to buy overall.

Above all, a great nootropic supplement must be safe, healthy and effective. MLP® excels in this with high standards across all phases of ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, formulation and follow-up customer service, making it a remarkable value for the price. MLP® is:

  • Research-backed nootropic ingredients that have been shown to be safe and well-tolerated for whole-brain performance, including memory and cognitive function, in multiple human clinical trials
  • No artificial colors, no preservatives, no GMO, no gluten, no caffeine or stimulants, no soy and no synthetic additives.
  • Vegan-certified ingredients in premium vegan NutriCaps®: Clean, clear capsules made from naturally fermented tapioca and infused with prebiotics; no unsafe or synthetic capsule ingredients.
  • Third-party tested: This means you get objective proof that each capsule of MLP supplies exactly what the label says it contains.

In addition to the above, MLP is B-Corp certified. This designation means that its manufacturer meets stringent standards for ethics and environmentally friendly practices.

Learn More about Mind Lab Pro® Quality

Mind Lab Pro® is Backed by Research.

Finally, MLP is the best nootropic stack on the market today because it's one of the only ones backed by rigorous clinical human trials. In this research, it was shown to improve brain function across several key cognitive markers.

  1. In one study, researchers reported that subjects taking Mind Lab Pro for 30 days experienced significant improvements (when compared to those taking placebo) in performing information processing tasks involving simple reaction time (SRT), choice reaction time (CRT) and anticipation; all of which are rooted in focus, attention and quick thinking. Researchers concluded MLP® may be especially promising for adults working in high-pressure environments that require fast and arate decision-making.(1)
  2. A second study found that subjects taking Mind Lab Pro demonstrated significant improvements across all memory functions that were tested, including auditory, visual, visual working, immediate and delayed recall memory. Researchers concluded that the most extraordinary benefits associated with MLP® were in the areas of immediate and delay-recall memory, linking these functions to practical day-to-day functionality such as remembering names, places and locations of objects like car keys.(2)

Best for: If you seek a complete nootropic supplement capable of meeting all your dynamic needs, Mind Lab Pro® is the perfect choice. It's also an excellent option for newcomers to nootropics, showcasing the substantial impact that top-notch brain enhancers can have on everyday performance.

Pricing & Shipping

  • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $69 ($2.30/serving)
  • 2 bottles (two month supply): $138 ($2.30/serving)
  • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $207 ($1.73/serving)
  • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® MLP® Now

Additional Top Nootropic Supplements for 2024

Mind Lab Pro® supplies most of the best nootropics discussed in this article. The rest can be found in products at Performance Lab®, a supplement line by the creators of Mind Lab Pro®.

Performance Lab® Mind: Best Nootropic Supplement for ADHD

MLP bottle next to a notebook and glasses

Mind is the main brain-booster of the Performance Lab® line, made for demanding high-powered cognitive functions and valued by individuals in competitive fields.

A stim-free cognitive enhancer with mental recovery and brain health support, Performance Lab® Mind targets focus, mental speed, multitasking, motivation, memory and more. Its ingredients and benefits appear to hold potential for anyone seeking help with ADHD symptoms.

A streamlined version of MLP®, it prunes 11 nootropics down to four top picks for dynamic thinking:

  • Citicoline, 250 mg
  • Phosphatidylserine (from sunflower), 100 mg
  • L-Tyrosine, 250 mg
  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract (95% proanthocyanidins), 75 mg

Performance Lab® Mind benefits:

  • Enhances concentration and focus; includes researched ADHD nootropics
  • Supports several types of memory and recall, including new learning
  • Helps cognition while under pressure and while multitasking
  • Naturally helps to increase brain energy and mental vitality
  • Replenishes the brain chemicals for day-to-day healthy performance

Performance Lab® Mind is a little different from other stacks. It is made to enhance brain function and accelerate recovery from intense cognitive sessions at the same time. All without caffeine!

It builds your brain health over time, too. With building block nutrients for brain regeneration and some of the most powerful brain-protective antioxidants known to science (Maritime Pine Bark extract).

Best for: If you prefer a lower capsule count, Mind is your solution, requiring just 1-2 capsules (compared to MLP®'s 2-4). Additionally, thanks to its higher dosages, Mind provides stronger support for mental performance during stress and swifter recovery from mental strain.

Pricing & Shipping

  • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $69 ($2.30/serving)
  • 2 bottles (two month supply): $138 ($2.30/serving)
  • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $207 ($1.73/serving)
  • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Mind Now

Pre Lab Pro®: Best Nootropic Pre-Workout Formula

A tub of Pre Lab Pro and a glass of liquid

Pre Lab Pro® is the top nootropic pre workout supplement on the market.

Mental clarity plays a big role in how you perform in the gym and at athletics in general. A nootropic stack like Pre Lab Pro® enhances both physical performance and mental capacity -- delivering smooth energy, focus, strength and endurance, with no crashing. Pre Lab Pro® supplies:

  • Red Beetroot Powder, 1500 mg
  • Setria® Performance Blend, 2200 mg
  • Natural Caffeine, 80 mg
  • L-Theanine, 160 mg
  • L-Tyrosine, 400 mg
  • Vitamin D3 (as NutriGenesis®), 500 IU
  • Potassium (as NutriGenesis®), 49.5 mg
  • Iron (as NutriGenesis®), 2.5 mg
  • Himalayan Pink Salt, 500 mg

Pre Lab Pro® combines a carefully calibrated dose of caffeine designed for athletic performance, complemented by L-Theanine to smooth out the stimulation with calm and clarity. Additionally, its L-Tyrosine component enhances focus, especially in bustling environments like a crowded gym.

This formula, enriched with a stimulating nitric oxide surge and natural hydration support, ensures you stay energized and motivated during your workout, regardless of your fitness level or sport of choice.

Pre Lab® Pro benefits:

  • Boosts athletic performance and cognitive prowess when taken pre-workout
  • Maximizes brainpower for peak athletic intensity without overstimulation
  • Supports endurance, strength, power, stamina and speed
  • Great taste! Mixes more quickly and easily into a delicious berry flavored drink

Best for: Pre Lab Pro® is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a physical and mental boost during exercise. Use it to tap the power of your mind and take your athletic performance to the next level. It's also a great choice if you prefer moderately-dosed caffeine in your pre-workout, with less jitters.

Pricing & Shipping

    • 1 Tub (one month supply): $59 ($2.95/serving)
    • 2 Tubs (two month supply): $118 ($2.95/serving)
    • Best deal: 3 Tubs + 1 free, with free shipping: $177 ($2.21/serving)
    • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Pre Lab Pro® Now

Performance Lab® Prebiotic: Best for Microbiome & Gut-Brain Connection

A Performance Lab® Prebiotic bottle

A clean fiber supplement, Performance Lab® Prebiotic is great for heart and digestive health. It also works as a nootropic by boosting the microbiome "second brain" for mood support. Each serving supplies:

Inulin-FOS (as Orafti® Synergy1) (FructoOligoSaccharides from Chicory Root), 2 g

Chicory root feeds Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotic strains in the gut. These particular probiotic strains have the strongest nootropic effects: They are known for enhancing mood, mental balance and the overall gut-brain connection.

Performance Lab® Prebiotic benefits:

      • Nourishes probiotics that support healthy levels of "feel good" brain chemical serotonin
      • Suggested to help with depression and anxiety
      • Clinically shown to optimize nutrient absorption in the gut
      • Promotes a healthy and balanced digestive system

Best for: Prebiotic provides innovative brain chemical support, making it an excellent option for individuals seeking mood regulation, motivation, and a sense of contentment. It's also a great chocie if you want bonus support for gut, immune, heart and metabolic health.

Pricing & Shipping

      • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $44 ($1.47/serving)
      • 2 bottles (two month supply): $138 ($1.47/serving)
      • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $207 ($1.10/serving)
      • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Prebiotic Now

Performance Lab® Omega-3: Clean Algae-Sourced Brain Supplement

A Performance Lab® Omega-3 bottle

This nootropic supplement supplies clean, high-quality vegan Omega-3 fatty acids from life's™OMEGA Algal Oil, including DHA, the most important Omega-3 fatty acid to take as a brain supplement.

Performance Lab® Omega-3 is today's most sophisticated "healthy fat" supplement. Each serving of three NutriGels® supplies 1800 mg algal oil, which includes:

      • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), 540 mg
      • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), 270 mg

The Omega-3s DHA and EPA in particular offer far-reaching brain support that make them must-have nutrients in any nootropic supplement regimen.

Performance Lab® Omega-3 benefits:

      • Maintains healthy brain structure and cell communication
      • Supports formation and connection of fresh new brain cells
      • Helps to improve memory and maintain cognition against age-related decline
      • Promotes a bright, healthy and balanced mood

Beyond its benefits, this Omega-3 supplement is a top-ranked nootropic because it is ultra-clean: No fishy smell, fishy aftertaste or gastric distress. No mercury, heavy metals, PCBs, or toxins (unlike some fish oil products!). Just life's™OMEGA algal oil in vegan-friendly, carrageenan-free NutriGels®.

Best for: Omega-3 is a versatile choice for those seeking help with brain health and more, like heart wellness, joint comfort and immune function. As a brain supplement, it is primarily associated with mood and healthy brain function. It belongs in every supplement regimen due to its universal importance.

Pricing & Shipping

      • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $49 ($1.63/serving)
      • 2 bottles (two month supply): $98 ($1.63/serving)
      • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $147 ($1.23/serving)
      • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Omega-3 Now

Performance Lab® Caffeine 2: Best Caffeine Pill - Clean, Calm Stimulation

A Performance Lab® Caffeine 2 bottle

Caffeine is one of the greatest nootropics to improve mental performance. But sometimes, it can be limited by side effects. Especially if you take too much.

Caffeine 2 presents a new twist on the typical "caffeine pill" - delivering greater mental (and physical!) performance benefits in a clean format that is healthy for the brain. It supplies:

      • Natural Caffeine (from Coffea robusta seeds), 50 mg
      • L-Theanine, 100 mg
      • L-Tyrosine, 250 mg
      • NutriGenesis® Caffeine Balance B-Complex

Caffeine 2 includes L-Theanine to boost caffeine's benefits while reducing jitters. Its L-Tyrosine + NutriGenesis® B-Complex provide nootropic effects while restoring caffeine-depleted brain chemicals for healthy balance. It all adds up to cleaner, healthier stimulation that helps you achieve peak performance in body and mind.

Caffeine 2 benefits:

      • Supports calmer energy and mental alertness plus stim recovery
      • Revitalizes cognition during multitasking, stress and fatigue
      • Balances caffeine energy with relaxation, creativity and clarity
      • Helps reduce jitters, crashes and other overstimulation effects
      • Restores what caffeine takes away, so you can use it every day

Another ultramodern feature: Performance Lab® Caffeine 2 is scalable. Each capsule supplies 50 mg caffeine, and you can take up to 4 capsules per serving. With this approach, you can find the caffeine dose - 50, 100, 150 or 200 mg - that delivers the best performance enhancements for you.

Best for: If you like caffeine's nootropic benefits but want something more advanced than coffee and energy drinks, Performance Lab® Caffeine 2 is your go-to choice. Once you've tried Caffeine 2 mental clarity and calm alertness, you won't return to conventional caffeine sources.

Pricing & Shipping

      • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $44 ($1.47/serving)
      • 2 bottles (two month supply): $138 ($1.47/serving)
      • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $207 ($1.10/serving)
      • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Caffeine 2 Now

Performance Lab® Energy: Best Nootropic Energy Booster (Caffeine Free)

A Performance Lab® Energy bottle

Although it is an "energy supplement," Performance Lab® Energy is a popular nootropic... probably because peak cognitive function demands a great deal of cell energy.

This supplement enhances brain power by boosting the mitochondria that generate all cell energy, including within the brain.

Given that mitochondria are densely concentrated within brain cells, Performance Lab® Energy directly enhances cognitive function, yielding mental performance improvements you can really feel.

Energy has natural, stim-free revitalizing effects that make the mind sharp, active and quick. It can boost performance while working, training, studying or any other activity where you need to excel.

Its ingredients include:

      • Magnesium (as Magnesium Malate), 60 mg
      • MicroActive® Q10 (CoQ10), 100 mg
      • BioPQQ® (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone), 10 mg
      • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR), 750 mg
      • BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract, 2.5 mg
      • Bio-Enhanced® R-Lipoic Acid, 100 mg

Performance Lab® Energy benefits

      • jitter-free energy surge: Elevates cognitive function without the subsequent energy crash.
      • powerhouse mitochondria enhancer that augments vitality at the cellular level.
      • enhances physical performance too; energizes both the brain and muscles.
      • sustains robust cellular energy, which is crucial to long-term brain health.

Performance Lab® Energy is the most advanced stimulant-free energy enhancer ever devised. It's great for cognitive enhancement while safeguarding your brain's well-being.

Best for: If you'd rather avoid caffeine to combat mental fatigue and brain fog, Performance Lab® Energy is the ideal solution. It's also an excellent choice for individuals seeking a blend of mental and physical vitality, doubling as a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement for athletes.

Pricing & Shipping

      • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $69 ($2.30/serving)
      • 2 bottles (two month supply): $138 ($2.30/serving)
      • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $207 ($1.73/serving)
      • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Energy Now

Nu:tropic - Best Nootropic Energy Snack Bar with 4 Delicious Flavors

A group of Nutropic bars on a purple surface

Nu:tropic is a "convenience snack" made with brain-healthy foods and infused with some of the best nootropic nutrients known to science. It is really a functional food, combining elements of nootropics, energy pills and snack bars.

The result? Clean, wholesome bars loaded with nutrients to help with energy, brainpower and appetite control. For example, the Apple + Cinnamon Nu:tropic bar includes these ingredients:

      • Wholesome, brain-healthy foods: Norwegian organic black oats, dates, golden flaxseed, chicory syrup, dried apple & apple juice concentrate, cinnamon, Himalayan pink salt
      • Brain-boosting and energizing nootropics: Omega-3, choline, phosphatidylserine (PS), B-Vitamins, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, MCTs (from coconut oil)

Nu:tropic is an exciting development in the nootropic world: it revolutionizes the format of brainy nutrition, making it more accessible than ever to the masses without sacrificing nootropic potency.

Nu:tropic® benefits:

      • Clears hunger-induced brain fog and moodiness as soon as you enjoy it!
      • Enhances many forms of memory: Short- and long-term, recall, learning
      • Promotes sharper focus, concentration, attention and clarity
      • Clean, stim-free energy. A natural, clear-headed, long-lasting vitality boost.

Nu:tropic makes our list for what it represents: A great-tasting way to incorporate nootropics into your diet, so you can enjoy your brain nutrition every day.

There are 4 Nu:tropic flavors to choose from: Apple + Cinnamon, Raisin + Almond, Salted Caramel and Maple + Pecan. You can also get a "taster pack" that includes all 4 flavors.

Best for: Ideal for: If hunger is interfering with your mental sharpness, Nu:tropic bars can satiate your appetite while providing nourishment to your brain simultaneously! If you've ever struggled with adhering to a nootropic supplement routine, Nu:tropic is a game-changer. Just treat it like a snack.

Pricing & Shipping

      • $34.99 for a box of 12 bars ($2.92 per bar)
      • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Nu:tropic® Now

Performance Lab® MCT Energy Oil: Top Brain Fuel for Boosting Performance

A bottle of Performance Lab® MCT Energy Oil surrounded by coconuts

Supplying purified C8+C10 MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) from 100% organic non-GMO coconuts, Performance Lab® MCT Energy Oil is a clean, high quality performance fuel for powering up your brain.

Performance Lab® MCT C8 and C10 work fast. They quickly convert into ketones that easily breach the blood-brain barrier.

Once inside brain cells' energy-generating powerhouses, the mitochondria, ketones power the synthesis of ATP energy. This translates into a tangible mental boost -- but may also be felt as a physical vitality surge that is especially valuable for training.

Performance Lab® MCT brain benefits:

      • Clean-burning alternative fuel for powering cognitive function
      • Optimizes brain cells' energy-generating mitochondria
      • Promotes mind-body vitality during intense mental exertion
      • Protects brain cells to support long-range health and clarity

This MCT oil is super clean. An important distinction because cheap, low-quality MCT oils (as well as straight coconut oil) are difficult on the stomach and can lead to gastric distress.

Performance Lab® MCT Energy Oil is also versatile as a nootropic. You can add it to coffee, soups, salads, shakes and smoothies, or simply take it straight as fast-acting cognitive performance fuel.

Best for: If you seek fast fuel to supercharge your brain, Performance Lab® MCT is your answer. It comes with added advantages for enhancing athletic training, supporting fat burning, and aiding in weight management endeavors. A valuable tool for keto and fasting-focused lifestyles, too.

Pricing & Shipping

      • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $39 ($1.26/serving)
      • 2 bottles (two month supply): $78 ($1.26/serving)
      • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $117 ($0.94/serving)
      • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® MCT Energy Oil Now

Performance Lab® Sleep: Best Supplement for Brain-Boosting Sleep

A Performance Lab® Sleep bottle next to a sleeping mask and pills

Improving your sleep quality can make a huge difference in how well you perform cognitively during the day.

This top-rated sleep supplement helps you asleep faster, extend deep sleep phases, and wake up primed to perform - without feel a groggy, brain-foggy "hangover" from megadose melatonin and synthetic sleep aids.

Instead, Performance Lab® Sleep keeps its support clean and natural, supplying:

      • Magnesium (as Magnesium Bisglycinate and NutriGenesis® Magnesium), 100 mg
      • CherryPURE® (Whole Montmorency Tart Cherry) (50:1 concentrated ratio), 500 mg
      • L-Tryptophan, 250 mg
      • Organic Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), 100 mg

Performance Lab® Sleep includes natural low-dose melatonin to gently induce sleep, joint- and muscle-soothing antioxidants, 2X muscle-relaxing magnesium, and support for calming, stress-busting brain chemicals tryptophan and serotonin.


      • Accelerates sleep onset by relaxing your mind, muscles and nerves
      • Soothes sleep-disruptive muscle spasms, aches and limb movements
      • Safe, non-habit-forming sleep support - no groggy synthetic side effects
      • Enhances nightly brain cell renewal for revitalized next-day performance

Best for: If poor sleep quality is limiting your daytime cognitive performance -- but you've always been let down by sleep aid side effects -- then you owe it to your brain to try Performance Lab Sleep. Its a different kind of sleep supplement: Clean and natural, but powerful. Especially for brainpower.

Pricing & Shipping

      • 1 Bottle (one month supply): $44 ($1.47/serving)
      • 2 bottles (two month supply): $138 ($1.47/serving)
      • Best deal: 3 bottles + 1 free, with free shipping: $207 ($1.10/serving)
      • All covered by 30-day money back guarantee

Buy Performance Lab® Sleep Now


Whatever your cognitive goals may be, in 2024 you've got many effective nootropic supplements to choose from. The future of nootropic supplements looks brighter still. With the right balance of science, research, quality and consistency, today's top nootropic formulas aren't just dietary supplements for healthy brain functioning. They are profound cognitive enhancement tools for performing better at everything you do, no matter who you are or what you wish to achieve in life.

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