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Lion's Mane Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

By Abigail Roberts

Lion's mane mushroom is a hot ingredient in today's leading nootropic (brain-boosting) supplements. Lion's mane dosage varies in these products. So how much lion's mane do you really need?

More human studies are needed to develop comprehensive dosage guidelines aimed at various health outcomes. However, some safe and effective doses have been noted in existing research.

In general, lion's mane supplements will supply in the range of 250 mg - 2,500 mg of the mushroom.

In this guide, we will discuss lion's mane and the safe recommended doses that have been noted in relation to desired outcomes, such as supporting mood, promoting brain health, and enhancing cognitive function as a powerful nootropic.

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Firstly, a brief overview of Lion's Mane and its brain benefits:

Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus), also known as Monkey's Head, Pom Pom Blanc, Mushroom Yamabushitake, or Satyr's beard for its distinctive shaggy-like appearance, is an edible fungus.

Lion's mane has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and cuisine. It contains bioactive compounds called hericenones and erinacines that are believed to account for beneficial effects of lion's mane.

Lion's mane is believed to help the brain in a few ways, including support for:

  • Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which is like "brain fertilizer"

  • Protective nerve sheathing called myelin

  • Plasticity, in which the brain rearranges its connections

  • Memory, mood and overall cognitive performance

  • Issues related to mild age-related cognitive decline

You can consume lion's mane in its original form incorporated into recipes, steeped in tea, or as a supplement in powder, capsule, or liquid form.

Lion's Mane General Dosage

Commonly found lion's mane dosage in supplements can vary from 250 mg- 2,500 mg or more. But that just tells part of the story.

In some supplements, lion's mane mushroom is the only ingredient in the capsule, so it has a higher dosage.

In stack supplements that combine many nootropics, lion's mane extract may be supplied at a lower dosage.

The form of lion's mane mushrooms is also important. It may presented as:

  • raw powder, the most basic form

  • lion's mane extract, which is concentrated and stronger

  • full-spectrum extract (all active compounds are present)

  • from lion's mane fruiting bodies (the "above ground" part)

  • From mycelium, which are kind of like mushroom "roots"

  • Organic lion's mane extracts (not all lion's mane supplements are organic)

Beyond looking for an effective dose, therefore, it's a good idea to look for an effective form of lion's mane mushroom.

Organic lion's mane medicinal mushroom formulas as full-spectrum extracts are the best to look for.

They are clean, natural, and guaranteed to supply the hericenones and erinacines that deliver all the benefits of lion's mane you are looking for.

Of course, this is not even counting eating lion's mane. The mushroom is a popular and versatile food, with a sweet, satisfying seafood-like flavor.

Fresh lion's mane can be hard to come by, however, and cannot match the dosing precision found in a good lion's mane supplement.

Let's now take a look at how much lion's mane was used in a couple of human studies.

Lion's Mane Dosage: 500 mg for Mood Support

In one study which looked at the effect of lion's mane mushroom on mood problems, thirty females were randomly assigned to one of two groups. One group received cookies containing 0.5g (500 mg) powdered lion's mane, and the other group were given a placebo.

After a course of 4 weeks, researchers reported that feelings of apprehension and mood imbalance were significantly lower in the group that was taking lion's mane mushroom cookies.(3) This may suggest a possible helpful lion's mane dosage for depression and anxiety.

Lion's Mane Dosage: 1,000 mg for Improving Cognitive Function

A study was conducted on 50 to 80-year-old Japanese men and women who had been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.

Thirty subjects were divided into two groups - one group took four 250 mg (1,000 mg total) tablets containing 96% lion's mane dry power three times daily for 16 weeks, the other group were given a placebo.

Over the course of the trial, the lion's mane group showed significant improvements in cognitive function compared with the placebo group.

At the study's conclusion, researchers suggested that lion's mane appears to be effective in improving mild cognitive impairment. Researchers also reported that cognitive function actually declined when subjects stopped taking the lion's mane supplement.(4)

How Much Lion's Mane is Too Much?

In short, it would be difficult to consume too much lion's mane.

Some studies have used doses of up to 3,000mg which have been marked safe and resulted in minimal side effects.

Further, consider that lion's mane mushrooms have been consumed in Asian cuisine for thousands of years without problems.

In general, lion's mane side effects are not a concern, even at the higher dosages found in some supplements. Lion's mane is legal and safe to take every day.

However, more does not always mean better! We strongly advise following the specific dosage guidelines on the product you're using, which ideally should be in the range of the human studies we have discussed above.

Of course, avoid lion's mane if you have any allergies to mushrooms, and consider taking lion's mane (and any supplements, really) under the supervision of your doctor.

Now, if you are incorporating lion's mane into your supplement regimen, you will probably want to know the best product on the market.

Read on to learn about the world's best lion's mane mushroom supplement, with a dosage that is in range of what was used in human research studies.

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Best Supplement With Lion's Mane: Mind Lab Pro®

If you are looking to purchase lion's mane, consider Mind Lab Pro®: today's top nootropic stack supplement.

Organic lion's mane mushroom is one of the formula's featured ingredients, playing a key role in promoting nerve growth factor. So if you're looking to take lion's mane, this might be the perfect formula for you.

Mind Lab Pro® works as a whole-brain optimizer.

That means it enhances several different brain pathways at the same time.

As a result, Mind Lab Pro® can do what no other nootropic stack can do, unlocking benefits for:

  • All types of memory, short-term, long-term, recall and learning

  • Focus, concentration and attention

  • Mood balance and stress resistance

  • Motivation and inner drive

  • Clearing brain fog, promoting clarity

  • Information processing speed

  • Mental energy related cognitive functions

  • Multitasking and cognitive performance under pressure

  • Long-range overall brain health benefits

Mind Lab Pro® Supplies 500 mg of Premium Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom

This lion's mane dosage is in range of human lion's mane clinical research studies.

Because Mind Lab Pro is a clean, safe supplement, it can be taken as a single serving for lion's mane mood support (500 mg); or double-dosed to hit the 1000 mg lion's mane dosage that has been associated with longer-range brain health benefits.

Let's take a look at the full list of Mind Lab Pro®'s 11 ingredients:

  • Citicoline 250 mg

  • Phosphatidylserine, 100 mg (Sharp-PS® Green)

  • Bacopa monnieri, 150 mg (as full spectrum extract, 24% bacosides, 9 bioactives)

  • Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom, 500 mg (full spectrum lion's mane mushroom extract from fruiting bodies, including hericenones and erinacines)

  • Rhodiola rosea, 50 mg (3% rosavins, 1% salidrosides)

  • L-Theanine, 100 mg (Suntheanine®)

  • L-Tyrosine, 175 mg (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine)

  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract, 75 mg (95% proanthocyanidins)

  • Vitamins B6 2.5 mg, B9 100 mcg, B12 7.5 mcg (NutriGenesis®)

Mind Lab Pro® is Backed By Research.

Mind Lab Pro® is one of the only nootropic supplements on the market that has been the subject of rigorous clinical human trials.

In this research, it was shown to improve brain function across several key cognitive markers.

  1. In one study, researchers reported that subjects taking Mind Lab Pro for 30 days experienced significant improvements (when compared to those taking placebo) in performing information processing tasks involving simple reaction time (SRT), choice reaction time (CRT) and anticipation.(1)

  2. A second study found that subjects taking Mind Lab Pro demonstrated significant improvements across all memory functions that were tested, including auditory, visual, visual working, immediate and delayed recall memory.(2)

Mind Lab Pro® is Clean and Safe.

Mind Lab Pro is the best formula of its kind because it is high quality, across the board:

  • Research-backed nootropic ingredients, including top-shelf organic lion's mane mushroom extract, that have been shown to be safe and well-tolerated in multiple human clinical trials

  • No artificial colors, no preservatives, no GMO, no gluten, no caffeine or stimulants, no soy and no synthetic additives.

  • Premium vegan NutriCaps®: Clean, clear pullulan naturally fermented from tapioca; no unsafe or synthetic capsule ingredients.

This unique formula's quality delivery and clean label helps each nootropic contained in each capsule to reach their full cognitive function potential without adverse effects.

Final Thoughts

Lion's mane mushrooms have great potential as a brain supportive supplement for helping with mood, relaxation, mild cognitive impairment, age-related mental performance concerns, and overall brain health.

Doses of lion's mane may vary, but in many supplements are well within the effective, research-backed dosage range.

As awesome as lion's mane may be as a standalone supplement, it may be even better in a nootropic stack like Mind Lab Pro. This particular formula outperforms plain lion's mane supplements with much more expansive brain support for far more cognitive enhancement.

Scientific research into fresh lion's mane mushrooms is ongoing. While an optimal dosage is yet to be determined, for now it appears you may reap health benefits of lion's mane with the doses currently noted.

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This article is an opinion and explanation of current research given by the author. It is not an expression of a medical diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on as such.

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